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Grace Lever, Founder of The Doing Academy and, on: Entrepreneurship, Technology and Women in Business

Grace Lever is a well-renowned entrepreneur, marketing and advertising expert and the Founder of and The Doing Academy. Lever established com in 2014 to empower and equip female entrepreneurs with skills to enable them to operate profitable lifestyle businesses. Lever uses a philosophy built on the principle of doing to impart knowledge using effective digital marketing strategies. Lever conducts training, coaching and consultation via the Doing School, the Workshop School and the Doing Academy. The Doing School is primarily an online Masterclass for female entrepreneurs while the Workshop School is a live events program that runs over a 12 month period. The Doing Academy on its part. is leading community of female entrepreneurs from around the world.


Prior to his recent ventures, Grace Lever served in various ranking positions including that of Director, Consultant and Ambassador. From November 2014 to January 2016, she was the Adelaide Ambassador for the Leagues of Extraordinary Women and before that the Director of Automate My Biz from August 2013 to May 2014. She also served as Systems & Supply Consultant for United Supplies and Project Consultant for the AMP Project and NBN Co Limited, which are both based in Sydney, Australia. Grace graduated from the International College of Management, Sydney in 2009 with a Bachelor of Business in Event Management. In 2011, she obtained a Workplace Training & Assessment recognition from the LIV training.



What is your professional background?


I hold a Bachelor of Business Degree in Event Management from International College of Management in Sydney. I am also the proud founder of, an entity dedicated to empowering and equipping women with critical business skills. Because of my academic background, work experience and personal conviction. I have become highly adept at sales management, marketing, business development, program management, business process automation, consulting and strategic planning.


What do you do? What are the responsibilities of your job?


At Grace Lever, we have a solid community nearing some 10,000 strong members. The women we have are highly inspired and passionate about making a difference in their lives. Besides direct live workshops, we also offer highly proven digital training strategies such as step-by-step, downloadable guides and training videos to inspire our members.


What are your greatest professional strengths?


My greatest area of strength and the thing I attribute to my ensuring success as an entrepreneur is my action oriented approach to business. Using this approach I have managed to build many successful businesses that are worth seven figures.


What type of work environment do you prefer?


I prefer working in an environment where advanced technology is a crucial factor of production. I use digital marketing a lot and I am happy at the strides I have made so far. It is also important to note that my very first customers found out about what I was doing through the digital marketing campaigns. Today, we also use automated processes to generate new business.


How has your job affected your lifestyle?


My career as an entrepreneur has given me a great opportunity to serve the people and freedom to fully exploit my potential. It is this freedom that has inspired me to go out of my way to assist female entrepreneurs to create successful lifestyle businesses that have stood the test of time.


What is your management style?


I am strongly guided by my philosophy of getting things done and of course the support I receive from the larger community. Regardless of the management style one institutes, I believe success in business requires vision and synergistic collaboration to make everyone in the team have a sense of empowerment and confidence.

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