Germany Kent Talks Giving Back and Making A Difference

Multi-Media Personality Germany Kent has been giving back to the community since she was 7 years old, and at just 9, she told her parents that she wanted to have a lot of money so that she could give it all away to people in need. Although she has been involved in community service efforts throughout her life and a participating philanthropist all of her adult life, that’s not enough for Kent, who desires to do more outreach on a global scale. “I aspire to inspire,” says the Mississippi native who has been busy promoting her 10th critically-acclaimed book, You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life. Surprisingly, the best-selling author says writing a book was never in the plan. However, she has embraced the journey and wants everyone to know that her bio is still being written. The multifaceted businesswoman (reporter, writer, actress, producer and volunteer) lets it be known that she is approachable and relatable. “I’m easy-going and try to live each day with joy and a grateful attitude,” she says. I will say that Germany has a fantastic smile and her widest appeal starts with her passion for life. Kindness and generosity are very attractive and Germany wears them well.


ON BEING A ROLE MODEL I like spreading good vibes and people are attracted to that. I think everybody could use some inspiration every now and then, even if your disposition is generally happy. They love the positivity. It’s motivational and touches them. I am more than a person who’s been in show business. I have a life that’s way beyond that. I’ve had other life experiences that others can relate to. If I can give somebody hope and encouragement or give them a reason to smile or to keep going, then my life would not have been in vain.


ON HER REPORTING EXPERIENCE I am thankful to have been a life-long journalist involved in many facets of the profession. I love being a reporter because the job is never boring. I like hearing people’s stories and sharing them with the world. From celebrities in Hollywood to skid row residents, I’ve interviewed some remarkable people who have given me a new perspective on many things. I am actually more comfortable behind the camera and work equally as hard as a producer.


ON PAYING IT FORWARD Everybody thought I was crazy growing up because I always wanted to do something for someone else. I would sacrifice my breakfast or lunch at school if I saw someone hungry. I gave my clothes away to those who I felt like needed them more. I remember once my grandmother telling me that she had bought me an entire school semester’s worth of supplies that I gave away in one day. She told me I explained to her that I didn’t want anyone else in my class to be without supplies and that I had shared all of mine and I didn’t want to leave anyone out.


Germany Kent
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ON STAYING GROUNDED I have a career, but I also have a life. I believe you have to maintain a balance to keep things in focus. Everything for me has to be in harmony. I work hard, but I also play hard and find the time to just relax and be free. I give 100% to everything I’m involved with and it just so happens that the seeds I’ve planted have bloomed beautifully. I don’t take any of the successes I’ve had for granted. Though it has been an amazing journey thus far, I live each day believing that the best is yet to come.


ON LEAVING A LEGACY I have spent more time in the field volunteering than I have studying for my degrees and on sets in Hollywood combined. I love it – it brings me great satisfaction to see the smiles, the tears, to get the hugs, to receive the emotional thank you notes and most importantly to make a believer out of others and to witness progress. It’s a lot easier to encourage others to join in on the effort if they see you doing it. It is very rewarding to experience really getting involved with a cause that you are passionate about. It does my heart happy to get out there into the community and engage with other people trying to make a difference in our world. They have so much light and enthusiasm, sincerity, and excitement in their hearts. I want to be remembered as one of those people. I want my legacy to be that I was a lover of humanity, supported dozens of charities during my life and that I made a difference.


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