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Freaking Sweet Jars Shares Sweet Success Story

Freaking Sweet Jars is a delicious, jar-filled treat company, founded by a husband and wife duo,Renate and Jaheel Garrett. Read our interview, to learn about how they got started, as they share a story of yummy success.

 Q: Did you always know that you wanted to bake, or were you recently inspired to enter the sweets industry? 

A: Recently inspired. Our son was going to college. We wanted to help him with the cost. My husband always had a passion for baking from his grandmother.


Q: What does a day in the life of a baker look like? Please give us a brief rundown; we’d love to know!

A: Consistently imagining and thinking of new ideas. Shopping, prepping, new recipes and wanting our customers to taste something different.  Often we’re rushing and trying to make deadlines. We try to strive for perfection in our own mind.


Q: Favorite flavor and why?

A: Butterfinger, honestly it taste great. A sweet sugary jar. Honestly out of all our flavors it’s the only one we’ve eaten the whole jar lol


Freaking Sweet Jars
Renate and Jaheel Garrett. Photo Courtesy of: Freaking Sweet Jars

 Q: Running a business with a spouse sounds pretty exciting. Please give our readers a tip or two for how couples can better work together when it comes to business.

A: To be honest, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. I’m more of the artist and my husband handles the finance.  So you know we clashed lol. What it took was trust and clear communication with each other. We had to understand our own roles and deficiency. But even with an occasional headache, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Q: Biggest challenge in your industry and how you rise to meet that challenge?

A: Getting your name out there. Being a small business, you don’t always have the financial backing as other places. To be honest, people can get dessert anywhere. So to be competitive, you have to have that niche. The way we overcome that is through prayer and hard work. Once you realize you will have supporters and you will have people against you. Once none of that bothers you everything will be fine.


Q: Future company goals? Please share!

A: We hope to have a storefront in prominent locations throughout the city. While dealing with small local businesses and farmers.

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