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Five Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Use During Holidays: Elevate Your Sales

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Holidays are the perfect time to boost your sales. Potential clients are looking for deals, to splurge on services, products, and offers. Sales boomed on Saint Patrick’s Day. Now, Easter is approaching. Here are five marketing strategies entrepreneurs can use to accumulate sales for the holidays.



Mailchimp, circulates millions of marketing e-mails. Consider e-mail marketing with a large base. Another quick marketing tool is Hello Bar. This website allows you to insert your website, and then it presents visitors with an opportunity to become your customer. When you utilize quick marketing tools it allows you to cut-straight-to-the-chase—right in front of an interested customers.



It is no surprise that people love to read. Blogs are popular among readers. Promote your business through your blog. Select one or more companies to send traffic your way. Outbrain, an advertising agency, promotes your work on platforms like Time and CNN. Using your blog as a form of marketing is great way to make a sale.



Marketing software analyzes and speeds up your sales. HubSpot is a well-known software used for marketing. It helps you run marketing campaigns, offers insights, and tracking—all ran on a high quality system, CRM. Referral Rock is another type of marketing software. It runs multiple refer-a-friend campaigns, and it provides easy sharing to social media networks.



These two strategies work just as good as the other options presented above, but they may require more work on your part. You will have to do some researching, finding a podcast or radio station that is open to interviewing entrepreneurs. Some podcasts and radio stations require a pitch. You will tell them who you are, what your company or product is all about. You will also, in detail, provide interesting topics you intend to talk about. This should be addressed in a letter or e-mail, always follow the directions listed on their website.


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