Five Benefits Of Cloud Technology For Businesses

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Cloud computing can make businesses more efficient by allowing to rapidly deploy a number of services that might otherwise take days or weeks to access. Cloud computing allows you to access computer resources, storage and applications within a few minutes but there are other advantages. Here are five ways cloud computing can make a business more efficient




Being able to access compute resources at any time and from anywhere makes completing IT projects a lot easier and faster. This will allow your IT department to reduce FTE and to deliver the finished project faster besides being able to accurately predict when the project will be done. This could make your business more competitive and improves your reaction time. I have seen a data analytics project completed in three weeks while the same project would have taken four months without cloud computing capacity.


Implementing New Models


Innovation is made much easier by cloud computing according to Alternative Networks. It is possible to design and implement a new business model in a much faster and seamless fashion thanks to cloud computing. This technology can be used to create new value propositions and new revenue streams. Some companies have been able to develop brand new business models and value propositions that entirely rely on cloud computing services. I am thinking about major successes like Spotify or BitCasa but a lot of small and medium businesses have been able to change the way they do things thanks to cloud computing.


Fewer Operational Problems


Relying on standardized services reduces costs and problems. The right cloud solution can increase business continuity and help resolve issues in a faster manner. It is possible to develop and implement a repetitive topology for some services and to always obtain the same result. Businesses can use cloud computing to deploy a pre-build server image or to create application landscapes based on design patterns while being able to focus on other important things.


Better Utilization Of Resources


Cloud computing allows employees to resolve issues more easily and in a shorter time-frame. Cloud computing should also help prevent operational issues. This allows employees to spend more time on other important tasks, which represents an important potential value for any business. The results will differ from one business to another, but remember that employees are the most valuable asset of your business. Being able to free some of their time will definitely benefit you.


You also need to look at economies of scale. Your cloud service provider will help you reduce energy consumption and make better use of the physical resources available to your business compared to a traditional IT system.


Lower Expenses


Some businesses prefer a capital expense or CapEx model while others prefer an operational expense or OpEx model. The OpEx model is usually best for shorter projects since there is no need for a long-term commitment from a financial point of view. Working with an OpEx model means there are no initial investments. Businesses can launch projects within a shorter time-frame and projects can be competed without any losses since the cloud service will still be here.


Cloud computing is so much more than just a technology. You need to look at all the new possibilities that relying on cloud technology could open for your business to understand the true value of this technology.

Note: This is a guest post.

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