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Firmalan .com, Founder: Let’s make business financing more accessible

Nordiska Firmalån wants to make business financing more accessible

Founder of Firmalan dot com (Swedish company name: Nordiska Firmalån) wants to make business financing more accessible.

Nils is a Swedish male, CEO at Spexer AB and a teacher turned IT-entrepreneur. His latest project,, is a Nordic financing portal and comparison site, fully dedicated to business financing in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

A common concern shared by most entrepreneurs and companies, is not getting hold of venture capital for startups and later on having trouble getting access to sufficient growth capital.

As a small Swedish business owner, Nils knows what it is like to go through the experience of getting rejected by serveral banks asking for a loan. Turth is, ”if your run a small business, you most probably won’t get a traditional bank loan you would be much better off trying to find a unsecured business loan online”.

Why do banks reject loan applications from SMEs?

In Sweden the big banks earns boatloads of money on home loans and unsecure consumer loans, which in turn means that small and midsize business customers are not really getting prioritized. Even though the situation on the Swedish market is extreme, the situation is to a large extent similar in the neighboring countries Denmark, Norway and Finland.

However, with a booming Scandinavian Fintech scene many new alternative financial options are being introduced to the market, really making an impact and potentially revolutionizing corporate finance.

How is the market changing?

In the last couple of years and increasingly over the last months, we have seen quite a lot of new lenders primarly focusing on business financing for SMEs establish themselves in Sweden and Finland. Most of them are small online fintech startups/companies using highly efficient credit assessment systems, which enables them to handle business loan applications much faster then traditional banks while stil being very costeffecient by keeping their workforce slim.

How can Nordiska Firmalån help improve the financial opportunities?

In the long run we hope to push down the overall business rates, by making the market more accessible. As of right now small business owners tend to accept the first (any) loan offer given to them, instead of taking their time trying to find the best possible financing option. One major reason for this, is the lack of really good transparent business loan comparison sites online.

”Lets make business financing more accessible”

We truley believe that our fintech startup Nordiska Firmalån could be the “missing link” that fills the information gap making the lending market more accessible and transparent.

By collecting and gathering data and reviews from a large number of lenders, Nordiska Firmalån strive to make it a lot easier for small and mid sized companies insearch of business funding and financing. One great thing about Nordiska Firmalån is that we do not limit ourself to just ”bank loans” or ”asset financing”, instead we try to cover as many financial options as possible, whether it might be, EU funding programmes, business loans or crowdfunding.

What are your business goals?

First and foremost, we really want to build something useful. If we can be (a small) part of making business financing more accessible for small and mid sized Nordic companies then thats truly great.

If we look at our own internal business goals, then we have set out a very tough goal; to become the top Swedish business financing site within a year and then later on hopefully becoming the leading platform across all of Scandinavia.

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