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Featured Entrepreneur Interview: Matthew C. Martino on Aviation, Film Production, and Giving Back

This is a guest post that is a part of our new interview web series. Featured Entrepreneurs are interviewed and talk about their experiences, journey to success, and overcoming challenges. 

I’m excited to have had the recent opportunity to catch up with serial entrepreneur, 22 year-old Matthew Martino.  Below, you can find our interview Q and A session.

1. Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your businesses?

A: I’m Matthew C. Martino, currently a business owner and I run Lets Fly Academy ( and working on founding my app acquisition and design firm MMD-Tech. I also split some of my time assisting my international charity MMBF Trust and producing films and videos, which is a great passion of mine.


2. Q: How old were you when you first knew that you were a serial entrepreneur? 

A: I think it first hit me when I was 13years old. I ran my first venture whilst I was in high school where I ordered mobile phone accessories in bulk from China and sold them at Romford Market at the weekends (which is in London). I think since then I’ve just gone from venture to venture and despite many downfalls I’m glad to be where I am today.



3. Q: You’ve written 2 books. Wow! How important is self-motivation during your creative writing process?

A: Writing is not easy, with Lets Fly I was obviously writing about flying which is something that I’m passionate about and happen to know a little bit about. With Go For It, I just used my experiences and tips I had found to work for me to inspire others – you do need to be highly confident and motivated to write.


4. Q: Can you tell us more about how you got into aviation? 

A: I’ve had the skies in my head since I was a little boy. When I was a teen I began going to airfields and took my first flight during my early teens. I have since studied various parts of aviation and flying- still a little disappointed I never went for the full commercial pilot license.


5.  Q: In reference to film (acting and production), what are some challenges that you’ve faced in the industry, and how’ve you overcome those challenges?

A: The biggest challenge in the industry is getting support and also being able to get funding for projects. Sometimes you have a really good script from a good writer and you need support from a director and cast to make it happen and it’s just not forthcoming. I have overcome most of these challenges through perseverance and not giving up. I always follow up emails and calls and attended many events and was actively involved in social networks to make sure I met other like minds in the film industry who could help me in my projects and I could help in theirs.


6. Q: How do you find balance between life and attending to your business endeavors?

A: I don’t honestly know, it’s like I need 40hour days to cope with my workload but thankfully I’ve got a good team who assist with some of the work but there are some little duties I still need to attend to personally, the travelling never helps either.


7. Q: You’re originally from Zimbabwe, but studied in the UK.  How has your global experience broadened your perspective as an entrepreneur?

A: I think its broadened me quite a lot, its helped build my confidence and I feel I got a better quality of education in the UK as well as having access to information and resources which have helped me to get where I am today.


8. Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: My future goals are to hopefully be able to help more people, in particular young people. I’m very passionate about helping others to succeed and giving opportunities to others as I got where I am through people giving me opportunities and resources. MMBF Trust is my main goal for the next few years and I will hopefully get involved in more charity and community projects.


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