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Fashion Entrepreneur Success: “Bag Language” Founder, Dough From Da Go, on What it Takes to Build a Successful Apparel Brand

I recently had the chance to chat with the fashion-forward owner of  Bag Language, Dough From Da Go. Check out out our conversation as he details his success, and gives tips for entrepreneurs who are first starting out.


Hi Dough, It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to our Sweet Startup readers. Can you introduce

yourself to our readers and tell them how you fit into the big world of entrepreneurship as well as


Hey hows it going? I go by Dough From Da Go, i am a hardworking marketer and entrepreneur from the city

of Chicago. Pretty much an all around hustler who loves to win on the highest level when it comes to

business, branding and so forth.


Tell us about your clothing brand “Bag Language”, What was your motivation to get this off the

ground? How has the line developed since it first launched? Do you undertake all of the work


Well, the development of the BL brand came about around 5 years ago, and since then i have been kind of

developing it at a very patiently and very consistent pace. The motivation was basically from the Stack Or

Starve brand i bult in the past, like an offspring but more “re invented”. Bag Language represents the true

hustler and the heart of verbal conversations pertaining to business but most importantly “Money”


What have been your most successful designs? Why do you think that is?

Everyone has been very receptive to the Skyline design, the color block design and the Vintage designs.

I think mainly because they stand out and people can wear them in different settings rather they want to

lounge, go to the grocery store or even the club for that matter.



If an artist was looking to get involved into the t-shirt/ apparel world, do you think it’s worth looking

into their own brand or should they first check out drop shipping sites?

Well to start your own brand, obviously you have to have your entire blueprint figured out:

5-10 year business plan, Main Goal, marketing strategy, some type of overheard capital to invest, and just

and overall patience for the business of branding. Otherwise, looking into easier ways to get your brand on

tees and apparel is always a good thing too. I guess its just the time you have to put into it when dealing with

building websites for you brand, the shipping process and overall customer service in general.


Do you have any grand plans for your brand in the future? Any future ideas and exclusives you can

share with the Sweet Startup eaders?

Yes! For 2017 we are working on a series of Pop Up shops & shows in different markets. I just got back from

the Tennessee market, where we held a fashion show and Pop Up that went successful! Shouts to my

business partner Tommy P, also shouts to Tee from POP Demand CHK for the love. Also shout out to all the

models that participated in the Bag Language experience.


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Make your own future! Create and be part of something that is bigger than yourself, FACTS! Nobody

is going to give it to you; you have to work for your dreams. There are no guarantees on success. In

order to win big you have to take calculated risks. You will find that nothing great just happens on its

own, you can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for it. Be ruthlessly persistent and have a razor sharp


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