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Fancy VR on Why Virtual Reality Marketing is Great for Advertising Your Business

Fancy VR offers cutting-edge, virtual reality marketing experiences that work to attract more customers. Check out our interview to learn more about how virtual reality marketing works.


  1. Q: Please give us a summary of your business and the services that you offer?

A: Fancy Film Post Services is a Silverlake, Los Angeles ­ based media company with four divisions: finishing, production services, space rental, and Virtual Reality. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality post­production equipment for customers and renters. This includes multiple editing bays, Nucoda coloring systems, a broadcast bay for TV projects, and a projection room for theatrical projects. We’re also proud of our size ­ small enough to remain personable, yet effective and powerful. All of us at Fancy Film come from production and creative backgrounds, enabling us to treat each client on an individual basis and tailor our services to their vision and needs.


  1. Q: What was the biggest inspiration for starting Fancy VR?

A: Fancy VR started soon after the groundbreaking 2015 Sundance New Frontiers festival. I was blown away by what I saw ­ and I also knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Since then I’ve met many of my heroes from that event, and look forward to collaborating with them!


  1. Q: For anyone who may not know, how do virtual reality videos work, and what does a typical user experience look like?


A: The typical VR user experience involves either wearing a Head­Mounted Device (HMD), basically goggles, or using your phone as a screen. The goggle experience is completely immersive, blocking off any other visual stimulation; but the phone experience is more social, allowing you and your friends to explore the VR world side­by­side. The VR video surrounds you as a viewer, so your field of vision changes depending on where you turn your head. This is created by shooting footage with multiple cameras in a cube formation. Editors stitch the footage together based on overlapping points, creating a seamless multi­dimensional image of the world. Right now, VR can be viewed on YouTube, Vrideo, Facebook, or through your own personal files with the goggles. There is also a social networking website called Oculus Social, which Facebook recently acquired along with Oculus Rift, one of the main VR devices available today.


  1. Q: What are the top 3 reasons why business owners should consider virtual reality as a primary option for marketing their business?


  1. VR connects a customer to what is being sold more than watching an ad in the traditional way. It fully immerses them in experiencing and exploring the product.
  2. VR is more forthright than other forms of marketing, because photographic or cinematic illusion is barely possible at this point. Therefore, more than other types of marketing, what you see is indeed what you get.
  3. For now, VR has a certain quality of spectacle to it that will simply draw consumers out of curiosity. “Let’s look at this product/website/service, because you can do VR! I’m curious!”


  1. Q: If someone is interested in your services, how should they get in touch?


A: They should give us a call at 323­661­0391 or email Please reach out if you’re curious about VR ­­ we’re a friendly place!

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