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Ever Ever After: “Supergirl” Entrepreneur Embarks on “Living My Best Life Tour” to Her Fairytale Ending

They call her “Supergirl.” She’s the 23-year-old serial entrepreneur named Calynn M. Lawrence who’s the Creator and Executive Producer of the popular online reality series “Chicago Talent,” and Founder of the nonprofit movement, The Fresh Faces Project. She bootstrapped these ventures to their current successes. The nonprofit that she started at 18 has helped well over 150 small businesses, artists and aspiring talents and counting. Her show’s first two seasons have reached over 80,000 viewers and counting and have received rave reviews across a multitude of media outlets! She also is a red carpet regular, often attending many industry events as a VIP Media guest with partnerships in Paris, Los Angeles, New York City, and more that she tries to visit as often as she can.

Holding seven industry awards ranging from “Entrepreneur of the Year” to “Woman of the Year,” and having broken a few records in her career, she’s seemingly got it together. But, what if she’s not as picture perfect as she let’s people believe? We thought “Supergirl” meant she was a woman of steel. Well, guess what? While she may be strong and a business powerhouse, she’s still human. That’s where the whole concept of her “Living My Best Life Tour” came into play.

She suffered a large financial loss in early December being laid off by her largest source of income while dealing with several burdens in her personal life. This caused a huge blow to her businesses as she used this income to fund them. It also caused an immense amount of stress and emotional wear and tear on her mentally.

In the midst of this, she decided it would be a good idea to make amends with a man who she later felt was “the love of her life.” While it was fun and sweet for a little bit, it came crashing and burning once she realized that he was not appreciative of her giving her complete all and everything to keep them in a good place and to support him in every way to finding his own happiness and success. He gave less than adequate effort. Eventually, she realized that he couldn’t possibly be “the love of her life” if he wasn’t willing to do a fraction for her of what she did for him, and was giving unfavorable attention to other women who could not hold a candle to what she’d done for him over the course of almost a year. That’s when she realized that their toxic relations had to stop and decided to let it go for good and focus on “living her best life.” Too bad for him because finding another woman who had as much to offer him and was willing to share it all is very unlikely. However, it’s amazing for her because she’s clearly flourishing!

Calynn M. Lawrence
Photo: Masterpiece Chicago

This is where her “Living My Best Life Tour” was born, out of heartbreak and frustration. The concept is chronicled on her blog of her making it a point to have fun, be free and make memories. So far, she’s written posts on her experiences seeing some of her favorite bands and how each one related back to her emotional healing and applied to her personal life! We’ve seen Paramore, Rascal Flatts, Aly & AJ with Jonas Brothers up next. She also blogged seeing Nickelback and Daughtry a while ago on an unrelated note. While it isn’t all about just going to concerts, these are great experiences that she is making sure to enjoy, focusing on making herself happy instead of always trying to make others happy. She has some more amazing things coming up that we’re excited to see as well! She is having a blast and finally focusing on her.

What are some great things that have come from her “Living My Best Life Tour” besides her newfound peace and serenity? Well, she found a new part-time position in Marketing and Advertising Management at Komodo Brands, and is working on greatly expanding her contract as Digital Marketing Manager with her client Chick-fil-A.

When asked if this “tour” brought her any new connections, she had this to say: “Since I started over with this new mindset of growing and glowing and doing what’s best for me, I have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people. The first one is an amazing man named Brian who I just adore. He’s such an inspiration and I see a light in him that I hope never dulls. He is honestly a rare breed, dare I say one-in-a-million. And, his drive and passion for people and making a difference in the community is deeply heartwarming to say the least. I’ll always stand by him and his work.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting a great musician named GC who has a crazy backstory that you’ll learn more about on Season 3 of Chicago Talent. Along with him, I met a good friend named Nick Diaz who is vibrant, caring and entertaining. These two have become more than just business associates but good friends of The Fresh Faces Project. I look forward to meeting even more people on this journey. I’m so much happier now since I’ve realized that holding on to things that just aren’t working and killing yourself to make others happy aren’t the move”.

Even though fantasies and fiction are made for entertainment and most of the time aren’t real. We know that miracles happen, and “Supergirl” finding her fairytale ending to a long joy drought is one of them. Her “Ever Ever After” isn’t even the end of the story. It’s just the beginning.

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*Photos by Masterpiece Chicago

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