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Sweet Snap Photography is a California- based photography studio that offers unique sessions to capture your most precious moments.  I recently had the chance to interview Hillary Lachman, the owner of this amazing studio. Check out our Q and A session.

1. Q: Can you give our readers a little background about yourself?

A: I earned my bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute and have another boutique photography studio where I capture children and families on-location. I started my business in 2007 and have become a part of many of my clients’ families. I have a six year old daughter, and it is a delicate balance between being a mom and running 2 businesses. I am very crafty and love doing art projects with my child.


2. Q: How did you get started as a photographer?
A: It’s in my blood. I am a 2nd generation photographer and grew up watching my mom document peoples lives. I grew up watching my mom work for herself and I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I was older. I took photography in high school and again in college. I was told by one of my photography teachers that I shouldn’t be photographing just children— that people can not make a living just photographing children. I was determined to prove him wrong. My first job was at a high volume mall portrait studio, it was through this experience that I learned what I did not like about high volume studios. In 2007, I opened my first studio, Stills by Hill Photography, which is a boutique lifestyle studio, which is still going strong.


3. Q: What was the inspiration behind starting Sweet Snap Photography?

A: We want to allow customers to be able to receive beautiful and professional photography at affordable pricing. We decided to open a new studio where customers can have a more personalized experience than if they went to a big mall studio, while at very competitive pricing. We wanted clients to be able to reserve a session quickly online, know that during their session we would be focused entirely on them rather than having six sessions going on at the same time, and an equal amount of crying children running around. We wanted the ability to have unique props and backdrops that allowed clients to feel that their pictures were truly unique. We really believe that photography is an art, and the environment in which your session takes place matters. Traditionally, to offer such a unique experience families have to pay a premium to have the photographer meet them, but this doesn’t fit within everyone’s budget. So, we are bringing this experience into the studio to cut costs and change the game.


4. Q: Your photography services bridge the gap between quality and competitive pricing. How important are these elements to the modern family?

A: Quality is very important for family photography. Portraits are what you should be handing down to your children. It is so important that everyone have the opportunity to cherish the memories of their families for years to come. Our studio partners with the highest quality printers to offer these high quality prints at the best prices. We really don’t want our customers to waste their money on poorly printed images from consumer labs. This inspired us to offer a free copy of your prints with every digital collection too. You can find someone with less experience who has a great camera, but it will be hard for you to find a studio that offers the same quality prints at such reasonable prices. We want you to see the Sweet Snap difference, if you take those digital packages and print them, we want you to feel the quality every time you peek back into those old albums.


5. Q: Where do you see Sweet Snap Photography in the future?

A: We hope to be known for being the studio that families come to multiple times during the year to have their children and families photographed. Our goal is that families have a positive experience and continue to allow us to document their families throughout the years.


6. Q: Any success tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: It is a struggle in an artistic business where people assume that because you are a photographer, or artsy, that that’s the only skill you need. I have learned in the past eight years of running a studio that it is 90% business and 10% photography. Having a solid business plan, having a team of professionals you can contact/hire as needed is crucial. I have struggled in the past trying to do things on my own and have learned outsourcing for what I am not the best at is key. Do what you do best and hire the rest.

You can see both of my studio’s here:
and Sweet Snap ’s promotions page:

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