Entrepreneur Success Story: Jimmie G. of Absolutely Bushed Landscaping

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a chat with Jimmie G. of Absolutely Bushed Landscaping. Jimmie has owned and sustained a very lucrative landscaping business for over 30 years. Read his story below, detailing humble beginnings, his love of family and how he keeps his business thriving season after season.

  1. Q: Can you tell us more about yourself and/ or

A: My father and I started our company in 1982 with a rake in the back of our car.. (Had to borrow the money for the rake!!) So needless to say very humble roots. We did whatever we could to make enough money to survive. We tried not to let our inexperience get in our own way but made plenty of mistakes along the way learning the ropes as they say. We would mow grass, pill weeds, rake leaves, pickup dog poop, clean gutters, haul away trash or just about anything anyone might need that they might pay a little money to have done. Never will forget out first winter (and several more to follow) it was usually ” how do you want your bologna tonight?” Or the big Friday or Saturday night certain special flavor of Ramen Noodles cause a big game was coming on we wanted to watch! We worked together, played together, fished together heck just about everything together. We were able to do enough good things for enough people that the word began to spread and we would also put out flyers on slow days to build our maintenance business up to where we needed several employees and then several more.. Before we knew we were mowing about 400 yards a week by the turn of the decade..

It was then we started putting all our customers and transactions on computer and actually inputting helpful data that told us a story about our company.. Pretty much that all our equipment repair costs were sky high (because the people using them did not pay for them so they generally abused the equipment) Our new fancy computers also told us that when we did actual landscaping work (planting flowers or new shrubs) and not maintenance type work (competing with the kid down the street that could borrow his dads mower for $10 bucks) well, we made pretty good money!

It was that day we realized that we have to transition this company to more Landscaping and less maintenance type of business. For the next 6-8 year period I taught myself every tree, every shrub, every vine, every ground cover, every perennial, every annual, bugs, disease problems, drainage, shade, sun exposures (and of course learning the good old fashioned hard way at things) and we transitioned to a full blown complete landscaping renovation company !

I unfortunately lost my dad in December of 2000 so as of then I have been carrying on the family torch if you will.. I think today my dad would be very proud of where we are as company offering full outdoor renovation of swimming pools, fence, deck, flagstone, retaining walls, drainage, Outdoor kitchens, Outdoor Fireplaces, Lighting, Irrigation and of course Landscaping renovation.


Absolutely Bushed Landscaping
Absolutely Bushed Landscaping
  1. Q: What are your most popular services around this time of the year?

A: In the spring time people have been cooped up all winter. The weather feels great, the birds are chirping and they literally get “spring fever”. All of our services are in great demand this time of year…!


  1. Q: Absolutely Bushed Landscaping is a family business that’s been serving the Dallas community for over 30 years. What’s your secret to longevity?

A: Well we all get out of bed for the same reason pretty much right? To make money or make a living. I have been blessed to figure out what I enjoy doing and make a living at it.. I get up every day and l look for something positive in each day, even though some days you may have to look a little harder..! I have a great wife and two amazing kids. When you look into their eyes each morning it’s a pretty good motivator to go out work hard for them all..!


  1. Q: Do you have any tips that homeowners should know about landscaping?

A: Yes a few. Be very careful going to a Home Depot or Lowes and grabbing that cute little plant and taking it home and planting by your front door without doing your homework! Chances are that cute little plant will die due to the wrong sunlight exposure or maybe too much or little water or it was an acidic plant that you didn’t know needed to be fed acid to keep happy? Or best case scenario, its super happy but grows really huge all over your entry and slaps you and your guests each time you enter or exit the home and grows completely over the address on the house and now the pizza delivery guy can’t find you!!

Also be sure to check out who your hiring through references or BBB etc… lots of horror stories out there I hear all the time!

If you are the DIY type at least have a game plan and stick to it. Even it if takes 4 or 5 phases to complete. You will be glad you did trust me!


  1. Q: What are some of the most challenging aspects of running your business? What are the most rewarding?

A: Most Challenging, things that are out of my control that can affect my ability to complete a project on time and within budget like weather, suppliers etc…

Also when you get a bunch of people working for you managing all those personalities and figuring out who is good at what etc.. can be tough. All the accounting, scheduling, advertising and marketing or executing a project start to finish can be challenging for sure..

The most rewarding has always been the look on a clients face or the tears of joy and hugs I have received from so many clients over the years thanking me for making their aesthetic dream come true! Also knowing that just all the thousands of trees we have planted that will be here way after I’m long gone and future generations will be able to enjoy and benefit from them. Showing my kids that even though dad gets home late sometimes once they drive by and see some of our projects I think they realize “wow, my dad creates some pretty cool stuff!”


You can learn more information about Absolutely Bushed Landscaping here:

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