Entrepreneur Success: Robert Rio Brewin, Founder of Empire Boxing, on Benefits of Starting a Boxing Business & How to Stay Fit This Year

It’s the beginning of the year, and getting fit is a high priority.  Check out my interview with Robert Rio Brewin, MBA PHD, founder of Empire Boxing.  In our interview, he talks about the benefits of starting a boxing business, and how to stay fit in the new year.

1. Please tell us more about yourself and Empire Boxing?


Hi and thanks so much for this interview! Wow! Alrighty then! Empire Boxing was founded on the premise of finding the champion within.   I didn’t just want a place for people to get fit, but also make friendships, enjoy the vibe, and positive energy.


  1. What inspired you to start this business?


That’s easy. I wanted to give back. Both to my sport, Boxing and to Fitness, which I truly believe is a human necessity.


  1. Our audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs. What are 3 reasons why entrepreneurs should consider the boxing industry?


Very low overhead and start-up capital

A constant flow of revenue stream probabilities…

And going to bed each night knowing you’re contributing positively to the world.


  1. Most challenging aspect of boxing? Most rewarding aspect of boxing?


The whole structure is simple, but it may get complex. Wouldn’t want to delve into trade secrets…if I knew any! But yes, you have to keep moving, just like a Boxer in the ring. You have to keep evolving. And that in itself is the most rewarding part.


  1. Any tips for getting fit in the New Year?


Just run. Pick up those kicks you use for walking around the supermarket, and run. Remember that life is not about how long we stick around, but if we have stuck around for something. And how can you achieve that if your body isn’t a 100%


  1. Please share the future goals of Empire Boxing.


I don’t really have listed ambitions. I just want to keep making people happy. It makes me happy.

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