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Entrepreneur Success: Lion Heart Lifestyle on Marketing and Staying Ahead of the Curve (Interview With Daniel Whitney, President)

Whether you are looking to rent a private jet, yacht or luxurious vehicle, Lion Heart Lifestyle has you covered. In this interview, I spoke with Daniel Whitney, President of this exclusive California-based lifestyle brand. Check out our conversation about his take on marketing and staying ahead of the curve.

What inspired you to start this company?
The company was started by CEO Caesar Morera in 2012. I was brought on as a partner and eventually became the President. The company was started with the average person in mind. Our goal was to allow anyone to experience a luxury lifestyle regardless of who they are. We wanted this to be as affordable as possible and as cool as possible. Our overall goal with this company was to provide an experience that would not only be memorable but a way to obtain things that per say only the rich would have access to.
Daniel Whitney – President

Lion Heart Lifestyle
Photo Courtesy of: Daniel Whitney, President of Lion Heart Lifestyle


How do you market your company to stay ahead of the curve?
We have a very unique marketing strategy at Lion Heart Lifestyle. Most of our competitor companies have taken the traditional old school route which consist of billboards, flyers, word of mouth etc. We are more so on the side of new age with our strategy. About 90% of our clientele comes from social media marketing in which we target specific audiences. We cater more to the everyday crowd which in return brings more business our way. Price wise we are also one of the most competitive. Our branding through the lifestyle which we provide has drawn lots of people to our brand versus the traditional car rental companies.
Daniel Whitney – President

Facebook marketing or Google Ads? If you had to pick one, which one would you choose and why?
Honestly I have this discussion about 5-6 times per day. I always choose Facebook marketing over Google Ads. In my personal experience Facebook seems to convert better than Google Ads for the spend per dollar. One other thing that backs my opinion is that with Google Adwords we are constantly bidding for keywords against companies who have 10x the budget of any of their competitors which keeps them ahead in that platform. Facebook has very specific targeting that has proven to work best for us.
Daniel Whitney – President

Biggest challenges you’ve faced while building your brand?
The overall biggest challenges we have faced while building our brand is separating ourselves from the traditional rental companies. We are far from a walk in pickup a $30/day car and walk out. We provide a lifestyle and experience that is unforgettable.
Daniel Whitney – President

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