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Entrepreneur Success: Devika L. Carr, Owner of D. CARR LAW, on Serving The South Florida Community

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Devika L. Carr, owner of D. CARR LAW. Read our interview, as she shares her inspirational story, as well as her passion for serving the South Florida community.

  1. Hello! Please tell us more about yourself and your company?

Hello! I am Devika L. Carr, a creative entrepreneur and small business owner in South Florida. I recently opened D. CARR LAW, a small law firm dedicated to brightening people’s futures. We focus on two unique legal areas: (1) We defend people who are faced with false accusations or unsupported claims of committing assault, battery, or domestic violence and (2) we offer in-depth guidance to immigrant families who want to plan for their progress towards becoming United States citizens. My firm has no limitations on how many deserving community members we will help or how happy we are to help them.

  1. What inspired you to want to practice law?

I was inspired to practice law after personally experiencing the unfairness of the criminal justice system. At a young age, I watched how a close family member’s poor decision making as a teenager quickly launched him into the criminal justice system through the arrest and prosecution process. However, despite continued attempts to improve his circumstances, he constantly found himself suppressed by processes which unfairly targeted African-American males. His entire future, personally, professionally, and financially, would continue to suffer for the next 20+ years until he finally stabilized himself without constant threat of being sent to jail or thrown into society to reintegrate without adequate guidance or resources.

  1. Please provide us with a brief overview of your services.

At D. CARR LAW, we implement creative strategies to solve criminal and immigration problems faced by the South Florida community we respect and love. We see our community members hurting because their futures are at risk of being negatively impacted by unfair circumstances. We want our community members to know not all is lost and there is always something that can be done to improve their futures. We approach legal representation differently than many firms and we want to change the reputation lawyers have for taking too much without exchanging valuable services. Although people are often comforted by the promise of guaranteed results, we know the legal profession does not really promise exact results. But what we have found is through planning, mitigating, and researching, positive things happen. So we offer people only one guarantee: we will compassionately and enthusiastically do everything we can to brighten futures by planning for progress.

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  1. What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while going after your dreams?

One of the biggest challenges I have faced by going after my dreams is constantly being confronted with the question, “How much are you worth?” This question is rarely about money, because there is actually a written formula for calculating the value of my services. However, this question is really about measuring my happiness and the true intentions I’ve set for my life. Am I happy because I am doing what I love? Am I happy because I am helping as many people as I can? What do I want the legacy of my life to look like when I am no longer alive? Am I building the legacy I wanted?

  1. How did you overcome that challenge?

The beautiful thing about those challenging series of questions is I am constantly prompted to step outside of my business and take the time to just see how I am feeling. And most often, I am beaming with excitement because the answers are really positive. So I never overcome the challenge, but I greet it with an open mind because I trust self-evaluation and self-criticism is the most honest way to motivate me to do more good.

  1. Our audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. If you had to give out one expert tip for entrepreneurs, what would it be?

One expert tip for entrepreneurs: only do what you love and define the message behind why you love it. Never listen to people if their advice is to do a little of everything until you make enough money to do what you love, because that is just wrong. Rather, commit to what you love and here’s what you’ll find: (1) You will always be eager to share it with everyone, (2) You will activate your creativity and find exciting and fun ways to share, (3) You will improve your personal, financial, and professional life in ways only happiness can help you achieve, and (4) You will never give up. And in case things get frustrating and you think maybe you should give up, the message defining why you love what you do will be the message that reminds you what you’re worth.

  1. Future goals (we’d love to know!)?

I have only a few future goals: (1) Remain committed to doing what I love, and that is helping as many deserving community members as I can reach, (2) publish my children’s book and read it to as many children as possible, and (3) present my first art exhibit before 2019!

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