Entrepreneur Success: Allen Krouse and Card Cadet

In this interview, I spoke with Allen Krouse. He is the founder of the innovative, smartphone wallet solution, Card Cadet. Check out our conversation below, to learn more about his success.

1. Hi, please tell us more about yourself, and your company, Card Cadet?

Hi! My name is Allen Krouse. I am an entrepreneur and I am active duty military. I have always had the drive to run my own business. I started my first business right after high school, when I taught private drum lessons to kids ranging in age from elementary to high school age. I didn’t get into sales until around the age of 21 when I would buy used phone and flip them for a profit.


Staying busy is a way of life for me. Besides being active duty military and running an online business, I am also taking classes online towards my Bachelors degree in small business management. I am fortunate enough to have a loving and supporting wife in what we do with CardCadet.


CardCadet is a silicon wallet that can stick to your smartphone or case. It comes in three colors; black, white, or blue. It can hold up to two cards and cash. It is designed to have a strong hold, so you don’t have to worry about losing your cards, but to also be easy to remove those cards. It’s bring the convenience of only having to take your phone with you, instead of your wallet, too.

  1. What inspired your company to launch this product?

The inspiration came to me about a year ago. I always saw companies giving these wallets out as promotional gifts. The only thing I saw wrong with them, was that they had the company’s logo on it, which to me made them unappealing. That’s when the idea came to me that I could sell these without any logo on them. I then spent a few months gathering samples from manufactures to find the right quality I desired. Now to present day, I sell them on Amazon and Ebay.


  1. Exactly how does Card Cadet work?

After you purchase your CardCadet, there’s a few steps before you can enjoy it. First step is to clean the area you wish to place your CardCadet on any dust that could effect the adhesive from sticking. Second step is to remove the backing, exposing the adhesive. Step three, you place CardCadet is the desired area. Step four is the easiest of them all, enjoy your brand new CardCadet!


  1. Card Cadet, makes it easier to keep credit cards and cash close-by (awesome!). What are some specific situations where your product comes in most handy?

CardCadet can come in handy anyplace you would take your wallet or purse. Most places I go, I only need my ID and debit/credit card, so I use it everyday. Specific places I use or have heard other people use it for are going to the gym, store, concerts, and restaurants. Basically, if you take your wallet or purse, CardCadet can replace it.


  1. Future goals for your brand?

The biggest thing, as of now, is to continue to build brand loyalty. I want people to know that customer service is of most importance. I also have a few ideas to expand the brand. One of those is to create a ‘luxury’ model that is made of something different than the current silicon model. dp/B01E9ITWES

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