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Entrepreneur Success: 207 Consulting Talks About Cutting-Edge Marketing Services

207 Consulting is a full-service marketing agency based in Maine. Read our interview to learn more about their offerings.

  1. Q: Can you give us a little background overview about yourself and 207 Consulting?

A: Sure, my name is Peter Klein, and I am the CEO of For over 25 years, I have been a CEO of several different companies, and I am very grateful for my collective experiences. I am excited that I can now focus on my passion, which is marketing. 207 Consulting is an industry leading company that solely focuses on marketing services. By combining my business experiences with the resources at 207 Consulting, my team of experts and I are able to deliver unparalleled value to our customers in Maine.


  1. Q: What was the inspiration behind starting                      

A: It’s nearly impossible for a marketing executive or even a small department to be an expert in all areas of marketing. Today, marketing is far too complex and diverse. What we bring to the table is a large and vast network of “207 Experts”.  This best augments our in-house skill sets to provide the resources needed to accomplish the objectives within a given budget. The vision for the company is to deliver “Brilliant marketing at low cost”.


  1. Q: Can you provide us with a brief rundown of all of the services that you offer?          

A: We focus exclusively on providing marketing services, and cover every aspect of marketing from: strategy, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, blogging and social media, while utilizing our “207 experts”. In addition, we primarily focus on the state of Maine, which allows us to stay close to our local customers.


  1. Q: You have over 200 “virtual” employees (wow). Can you describe the process of growing your company? What was that like?      

A: We are focused on delivering value to our customers. We have experts in all aspects of marketing available at our fingertips on an “as needed basis”. This allows us to produce better results at lower costs than our traditional “brick and mortar” competition. With very little overhead and a vast talent of resources, we can deliver unheard of value.


  1. Q: What is one tip that business owners should know when it comes to their online presence?

A: There are a lot of companies that can develop a “pretty” website. We strongly believe that any marketing project needs to be seen in the context of the business objective of the customer. Before we do any project, we need to have a meaningful discussion with the company about its business objectives, problems, and challenges. Then, we develop the marketing tools that deliver the desired results. Being local and being a seasoned executive sets us apart form the competition. Every customer will need a different “mix”.


  1. Q: During the interview you repeatedly mentioned Maine. Why would you confine your business to one state?

A: First, I like Maine. I have been living here for 12 years and it is my favorite state (I am still working on my accent 🙂 ). We want to be close to our customers, be able to meet in person, understand their business objectives and help them grow.

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