Enewwholesale is Your One Stop Source For Wholesale Products

Enewwholesale is an online marketplace, based in Los Angeles, CA. They offer an amazing variety of wholesale goods at attractive prices. If you are considering starting your own business, and need wholesale items, be sure to check them out. You can learn more about them in our short chat below!

  1. Q: Please provide us with an overview about yourself your company.

A: Hi, my company is


  1. Q: How long has been around?

A: The wholesale marketplace started in 2013.


  1. Q: What are your top 3 selling items?

A: Our top selling items are women’s clothing, shoes, and handbags.


  1. Q: What does a typical client look like for your company? Can anyone join, or are your services exclusive to entrepreneurs?

A: Being that we are a wholesale outlet, we only offer our services to retail companies or wholesale companies, not individual customers. As a premier wholesaler, everything we offer is sold by packages or by boxes with large quantities.


  1. Q: Please share your future company goals?


A: The marketplace will become the number one in the world for wholesale business, and will add all types of products like automotive, toys, grocery, electronics, cosmetics and more.

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