Egg Asiancy on: Egg Donor Success and Sharing Infertility Awareness in the Asian Community

Egg Asiancy is an egg donor agency, that provides parents-to-be with top-of-the-line fertility solutions. Read our interview below, to learn more about their services.


  1. Hello! Please provide us with more information about your company?

We are an Asian egg donor agency that provides Asian egg donors to people who need to use an egg donor to form their family. We help couples and singles from all around the world. Our website is- .


  1. Please provide us with a brief explanation of your egg donor process?

Prospective parents select an Asian egg donor from our database. We then have the donor medically screened. Finally, the donor starts injectable medication and has regular monitoring appointments with the fertility doctor. When the donor’s follicles are ready, the egg retrieval is scheduled. After the retrieval, the donor receives her compensation (from a third party escrow account).


  1. Infertility is a taboo subject in many communities. Please tell us how you are transforming this stigma in the Asian community?

We are doing our best to raise awareness about egg donation in the Asian culture by simply talking about it more. So, for example, on blogs like yours and podcasts, we are just sharing more information about Asian egg donation. We also hope to start giving some lectures in the Asian community on infertility and options.


  1. Your service pairs parents-to-be with Pan-Asian egg donors (wonderful!). Can you please provide us with some examples of different Asian ethnicities within your donor database?

We work with Japanese donors, Chinese donors, Korean donors, Indian donors, Thai donors, Vietnamese donors and Filipina donors. Also, we work with donors who are part Asian too (for example, half Chinese half Caucasian).


  1. What is one of the most rewarding aspects of pairing parents-to-be with egg donors?

It is an absolute joy to hear from prospective parents that they are finally pregnant (in most cases, they have been working towards this day for many, many years and have gone through so many challenges to hear this good news).

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