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Dr. See Love Shares Life and Relationship Coaching Success

In this interview, I spoke with Dr. See Love, author, speaker, and Life Coach. Check out our conversation to learn more about her success, and get great tips for living a more positive lifestyle.

  1. Hi! Please provide us with a brief background about yourself? I am a Author, Speaker and Life Coach with more than 16 years of professional motivational speaking in Education, 17 years of study in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and 23 years in Social Services. My private practice is located in Los Angeles, California. I work with Individuals, Couples, Families and Teens. I help my clients identify their personal road blocks and obtain appropriate tools to help them move beyond inner confusion.


  1. What services do you offer? I specialize in helping those who need Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Family Coaching, Career Coaching, Motivational and Spiritual Coaching.


  1. What inspired you to become a life coach? I became a life coach because of my own family tragedy. This tragedy pushed me to help people to unlock the answers within themselves to help them push pass the road blocks of life.


  1. You recently released new audio book, “The ABC’s of Loving Each Day: A Journey to Personal Growth and Happiness” (congrats!). Can you tell us more about that? I really excited about my audio book because it has 78 tips and tools for gentling cultivating the consciousness of an individual, helping them to align their goals with what is true to their heart.


  1. Our audience mostly consists of entrepreneurs (aspiring and existing). What are some tips that entrepreneurs could use to have happier lives? Everyone deals with personal growth and happiness in different ways. Some individuals experience road blocks that have the greatest effect on the ability to create positive change. Others recognize the road blocks and obtain appropriate tools to help them move beyond inner confusion. I have seven effective keys to help deal with the challenges faced and identify their personal road blocks. These seven keys are:

Live Happier: It’s so important to acknowledge that we all need Love to keep stress at a minimum. Conscious loving releases endorphins in your brain and the simple act of forgiveness works as a natural anti-depressant.

Positive Attitude: Choosing forgiveness sets the heart free to embrace more loving. As much as our bodies need rest, so do our hearts. It’s important to take time to meditate to help with your life’s challenges.

Personal Goal Setting: What are you really called to do in this life time? Set goals that serve your highest purpose. Don’t just be good, you can be great!

Meditation Techniques: Sit quietly and listen to your mind. Then tell your mind to be quiet. Let you soul be the lead in the conversation. This will help give you calming and pleasurable feelings.

Realizing Your Potential: One of the few industries that thrive is “fear”… There’s a reason for that. Fear calls people to action, but so does Love. Whether a new birth, a wedding or a goal achieved … loving generates more love. I recommend aligning your goals with what is true to your heart! Uplifting events will occur naturally.

Developing Healthier Thoughts: Science has proven the conscious loving releases positive endorphins. Think about how you can love more each day.

Trust Love: Get in the conversation. Ask questions. Seek answers. Find the next level on your path to creating move love in your life.

  1. How do you overcome challenges? You cannot overcome challenges without having a support system. No one does it alone. I go to friends or family who help me drive my life forward when there is an obstacle or challenge.


  1. Favorite quote? We’d love to know. “When one of us resolves one issue, all of humanity is elevated.” Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick



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