Do You Know How To Open An Auto Repair Shop Franchise?

Do you know how to open an auto repair shop franchise? Answering this question is deceptive, because at first glance, it seems like a simple yes or no question. However, it isn’t, as fully answering this actually can mean answering an entire list of more specific questions, which are listed in the following paragraphs.

Why do I want to open an auto repair shop franchise? It might be you just love working on cars, which doesn’t always translate to profits. It could also be you know almost every home has two vehicles and needs to keep them running, meaning this market always has demand, and that is profitable.

Would I be a general garage or a full body shop? There can be a lot of money in doing full-body work and even running a corresponding towing service, but the expenses that go with it also rise dramatically.

Would my my location franchise someone else’s chain or be independent? Going under someone else’s name can mean brand recognition right off the bat and quite a bit of support. On the other hand, flying solo means no constraints and the freedom to do things your way.

Where would my location be? You want it to be big enough to handle your target volume of vehicles, and easy access in out and of it is crucial as well. Still, you might not want to be right on an intersection given higher property taxes and rates, and being a little away from pedestrian traffic in large strip malls is also a good idea given all the moving vehicles.

What licenses and permits would I need? It’s not enough to buy a building or rent a space. You might need to meet certain environmental and regulatory criteria at both the municipal and state level, especially if you are going to operate in a region with mandatory vehicle inspections that you would provide as a service.

How would I attract customers? You’ll have to market the community if they’re going to know you’re even there in the first place.

What tools and equipment would I need? If you’re going to be fixing cars, you need the tools, hardware, equipment, and supplies to do the actual work. Stocking up too much can waste space and money, but long wait times and turnarounds make customers go elsewhere.

Do I know how to run that staff? It’s not actually necessary to know anything about working on cars or even managing those that do. You can hire someone to be the operations manager of the garage while you handle the ownership and executive side of the business. You just need to realize that’s the best fit for you. Likewise, even if you could handle the staff and cars, would running the business leave you enough time to work on the business?

If you answered yes to every question on this list, then you might just be ready to open your own auto repair shop franchise. It’s okay if you didn’t answer yes to all of them, as you can find the answers to these questions with the right work. Once you do know the answers to all of them, you’ll be able to answer the real question behind this all, which is, do you actually want to open an auto repair shop franchise?

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