Daniel Wicharz on Success, Accepting Online Payments, and Becoming a Guru Sales Rep

In this latest interview, I had the distinct opportunity to speak with Daniel Wicharz. He’s provided his services to leading companies, like Google and PayPal. Read our Q and A session to learn more about: his success, why small businesses should accept online payments, and tips that could help you become a guru sales rep.

1. Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: Sure, I am Daniel Wicharz. Currently I am Vice President of Sales and Key Account Management at EVO Payments in Cologne – Germany. More than 5 years of my life I spent in the Republic of Ireland working for globally operating multinational companies. In my previous work experiences I worked for Skrill, Google and PayPal.

2. Q: A strong sales force is often one of the primary reasons that most successful companies thrive in today’s market. What inspired you to get into sales?

A: I love my job since I always had the advantage working for companies offering cutting edge products which are state of the art. Moreover I am an outgoing personality and I really like speaking to many people time after time again and introducing them to new exciting technology that can improve their lives.

3. Q: You’ve been employed at Google, PayPal, Apple, and Skrill (awesome). Can you share a little about those experiences?

A: All these companies are awesome and everyone working there can be proud to be part of a strong and successful company. These companies work differently from old fashioned ones because they put the customer first and solve people’s needs in a way nobody else can. Especially in the online payment world we enable people to do business on a global basis with close to 0 risk involved. This is one of the biggest achievements in this century which the world has never seen before. Only with this achievement a truly global economy is possible.

4. Q: As technology evolves, there are more companies accepting online payments now than ever before- through various ecommerce platforms. Can you talk about the importance of accepting online payments (for small and mid-sized businesses)?

A: Accepting money from all over the globe enables people to enhance their market potential. Also these payment options need to protect the buyer as well as the seller from fraud and losses. It is also designed to protect the society from tax evasion and business with prohibited items. Think of all the rules and directives issued by the card schemes, they are much stricter and effective than the law. Also the card scheme rules apply on a global basis while law usually changes from country to country. Thus the card scheme rules effectively prepare the way to a truly global economy without borders.

5. Q: What does a typical day look like in the life of a senior sales rep?

A: People in sales typically speak to lots of prospects, travel a lot and keep in touch with product managers to get the latest news on product and technology update. Also since they are in constant contact with their customers and they know the needs and trend in the market.

6. Q: Any guru advice for sales reps, or entrepreneurs (who also double as sales reps)?

A: Listen to the customer. Do not only speak about how great your product is. My experience is: People don’t want to listen to this anymore. Focus on the need of your customer and design your offer according to the customer’s needs. Especially large incorporations will only buy if the product is designed for their needs.

7. Q: Can you share your future goals with us, we’d love to know?

A: My goal is to continue helping people to globalize their business and to extend their market share and profits. There is so much potential especially in the European market that I am sure we can increase the life quality and abundance across the entire continent by making sure fraud and risk in payment decrease and our export continues growing.

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