Dan Anton on How he Became the #1 SEO Provider in the World

Dan Anton has been the largest provider of SEO services, in terms of volume, since 2006. Volume is the important word here, because as a startup Dan understood profits didn’t have to be large in order to scale. Here is a Q&A session with Dan Anton on how he came to SEO power.

Dan, how are you able to provide SEO to hundreds of thousands of clients?

10 years ago, I began to really understand the role search engines played in internet traffic. If someone wanted to find a specific service in a specific location their best option was to search in Google or another major search engine. Knowing a human can only accomplish so much at a time, with large overheads, I put my Computer Science degree to work in developing SEO based software that could replace a human, then ten humans, and lastly thousands of humans during the course of a day. Ironically, my latest software with Crowd Search is the culmination of both machine and human labor, creating synergies that allow scale and affordability software or human labor alone could not match.

Does price point play a role in your dominate position inside the Search community?

Absolutely. Many people are selling more gross SEO, with higher margins. Our approach has always been to offer the best service, results and software at a price that allows resellers to sell. Most of our business is web designers and marketing agencies looking to help their clients achieve keyword ranking results in the search engines. If our pricing was too high they wouldn’t afford to buy our services and resell them. In this way, as a wholesaler we are servicing an incredible amount of the SEO pie.

SEO is either super expensive, or cheap and outsourced. How do you compete?

People care about results. That is why they are doing SEO. Many people lose sight of this. SEO is a vehicle to dry quality prospects to a business (website) and convert them into a hot, exclusive lead. As long as the money spent to acquire the lead is less than the amount earned from servicing the sale, then you have a scalable business model. You can price ship all day, but as long as results are driven and the cost is lower than your profit, you can move forward with an aggressive SEO plan of attack. Ironically, outsourced or cheap SEO alternatives can get you penalized and cost you more in the long run. It’s best to pick a company that has been around for years and is used not only by one agency but thousands. Our business model is scale, not margins. We are the Walmart of SEO with an incredibly sophisticated human team built around it.

Do you provide retail or direct business owner search marketing?

Yes, due to the amount of emails and personal messages I have decided to open up my Atlanta Based SEO company to direct business owners. Currently we have Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500, and local business owners utilizing the service. It’s different from our scalable model in that we focus on ONpage issues, press contacts, hard to acquire links, social, traffic, and a personalized consultation. Our strength exists with large datasets, coding, and the human intelligence giving us a unique advantage both in the wholesale and retail search engine marketing space.


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