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Discussing Crowdfunding and Healthy Living With Joseph Parker of InventureX

Joseph Parker is one of the brilliant minds at InventureX. The crowdfunding marketing company has been able to have quite a bit of success in the last few years, and the senior marketing coordinator has helped out in a lot of ways.

Where does he see his industry going in the next few years? Here is our interview with Parker.

How has crowdfunding taken off in the last few years?

There are so many different ways to crowdfund these days, and many people are taking advantage of it. Crowdfunding has actually been around for a while, but the Internet makes it that much easier to pull something like this off.

While there are more campaigns, there are a lot of campaigns that are simply not thought through enough. Instead, they are just thrown together and people hope for the best.

What type of marketing techniques do you guys use to help entrepreneurs reach their goals?

Every single person we end up working with is going to be slightly different. It depends on financial goals, the type of product or idea that is being presented and more. We have a lot of connections in a number of industries, so a lot of it comes down to marketing to the right people.

A campaign needs to be in front of the right people to have success. Otherwise, money is just not going to magically appear.

How do you get through long days at work?

I am a firm believer in taking breaks from time to time and getting some exercise when possible. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, but even just a short walk can do a lot of good.

When I go on walks, it allows me to clear my mind and reset a little bit. This can usually motivate me to get ready for the next few hours of putting in work.

How do you stay healthy during long workdays?

It’s very easy to not eat well when working long hours, but I have really focused in the last few years on doing as much meal prep as possible. This goes a long way towards helping me eat healthy and stay on track. It’s very tempting to go out to eat, but it can lead to some extra pounds over time.

Any thoughts on where the industry is going as a whole?

I think we definitely have more competition than ever before (expressed in a recent interview on Inspirery) in order to deliver a great service for all our customers. Some clients come in not really knowing what to expect. They can be very frustrating, as they are trying to do whatever possible to take their business to another level.

We have always been very adamant about setting realistic expectations from the very beginning. A lot of people seem to be wanting instant success, but that just doesn’t happen all that much. The more people who actually realize this to be the case, the better off crowdfunding will be.

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