Creative Startup: totDot Accessories Show Family Planning Status

In my most recent interview, I had the opportunity to chat with the founders of totDot. This fashion-forward accessory line was started by two sisters; it celebrates motherhood by offering a variety of colorful stones that signify your family planning status. Whether you are expecting, or planning your family, this jewelry-line is a great way for women to help break the ice on what has traditionally been a taboo subject.


  1. Q: totDOT is a brand that celebrates motherhood in its many different facets. Can you tell our readers a little bit more about what inspired this movement?  

A: A friend of mine was having a difficult time conceiving, and I did not want to bring it up if she was not obsessing about it at that moment. I thought: “I wish there was some symbol we had to let me know how it was going.”


  1. Q: Who’s the ideal customer for totDot?

A: Really, any woman of childbearing years; totDOT covers the whole gambit of an adult relationship – whether you are ready or not, or never will be.


  1. Q: As a family-owned business, what are some challenges that you’ve faced while working together?

A: Letting our personal lives come up during business. In a typical corporation, you leave your problems at home – harder to do so when we know everything going on, and know the other does too!


  1. Q: What’s the best part about having the opportunity to run a business with your sister?

A: Being able to be completely real without fear of offending anyone or “messing up.”


  1. Q: Are there any plans in the works to partner with retail stores, or non-profits to market your pieces?

A: Yes! We are currently trying to get into boutiques, and are open to the bigger box stores as well.   We also plan to donate a portion of our annual sales to children’s charities once we get off the ground.


  1. Q: totDOT seems like the perfect ice breaker, when it comes to conversations about family planning. What has been the over all response when people are introduced to your brand?


A: There are usually one of two:

  1. Wow, this is great. Unique. I have never seen or heard of anything like this. I could have used that/I will definitely look into it.
  2. It is no one else’s business, is it?   My response is: well no, but people will ask (and continue to ask) regardless of if it is their business. This way, it can be a silent exchange and not an irritating one. And if you are expecting, you will not be able to hide it for long anyway.


  1. Q: What’s next for totDOT?

A: As mentioned, we are trying to get into boutiques. It is a very visual product and we think it will do well in stores. We eventually will expand to other accessories and novelty items as well.

  1. Q: Any success tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: Do not be afraid of failure, and be all in. Accept that while you’re confident in yourself and business, the worst-case scenario is you are back to the life you knew before you went on the adventure. Also, have a clear vision, because inevitably people will give you unsolicited “advice.”   However, be opened-minded…sometimes advice in casual conversations is priceless.

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