Clifton Roberts, CEO of the Humane Party on Animal Rights and the Future

Politics are essential components that make up the very fabric of our society.  They shape our world into the place that we know today. Each viewpoint, voice, and stance creates an opportunity to inspire transformation. In our latest Q and A session, I had the pleasure of talking with Clifton Roberts, CEO of the Humane Party, a political party dedicated to standing up for animal rights. Read our conversation below, and learn more about the 21st century political party that is making notable strides across the nation.

  1. Q: Give our readers a little background story about yourself and your organization, the Humane Party:

A: The Humane Party is the United States’ very first political party that is committed to

  • Rights for all animals — not just the human kind,
  • Full realization of an ecosystem-neutral, sustainably prosperous economy, and
  • Running and electing only candidates who have committed to humane values both personally and politically.

 I agreed to dedicate my time, energy, and effort to the Humane Party in May of 2015 as its CEO because I believe in every component of the party platform.   When I began to have conversations with the Humane Party Board of Directors, it was very obvious that my socio-economic and political views aligned perfectly with the vision and mission of the Humane Party.  


  1. Q: What was the inspiration behind starting the Humane Party?

A: The Humane Party was inspired by the state of the current union. We saw that Americans now stand squarely at a crossroads.   You see, there is significant data which validates our country’s path toward financial crisis, our dependence on foreign resources, environmental destruction, dependence on foreign resources, economic disintegration, and moral lethargy.

We felt strongly that we can set the United States on a path toward lasting peace and abundant prosperity. I can’t express to you enough in words how hard we at the Humane Party is working to meet the challenge. We were inspired by the fact that politics have become complicated to the average citizen because people in office want it that way. They think that by constructing barriers, it will discourage others, like you and me, from running for various positions of trust and competing in the market place of ideas. We at the Humane Party are committed to fixing this by making the processes inherent in politics easier to understand and to make it easier for people to run.

The same people that hold office who continue to make it difficult for change agents to get on the ballot and harder to raise the money and resources necessary to spread a message of change, will always maintain – and create new – roadblocks to keep people just like you out.

The Humane Party was inspired, and is dedicated in the truest sense possible, to empowering citizens to be part-time citizen politicians and helping to break down these barriers so that diverse voices and ideas can be heard. You see, more than ever, we need to have more people involved in our political process. I stress that it is OUR political process. Not his, or hers, or theirs. Ours.

The Humane Party was inspired by the simple truth that we need to have more good people running; inspired by the truth that we need more competition in the market place of ideas.

We were, and remain, inspired to inspire good people just like you and your readers to get involved in every aspect of the political process; to inspire people who are willing to tell the truth and speak truth to power; to inspire people of integrity, ethics, and moral character; inspire people who are authentic; and inspire people who are down to earth and humble.

This is the only way we will make a change for the better.


  1. Q: Who can be a part of this organization, can anyone join?

A: Absolutely!   If your readers were to visit, I am confident that they would find at least one component of our platform that would align with their existing belief system. The Humane Party mission from a 50,000 foot view is to help:


  • protect the rights of sentient beings and end inhumane exploitation of other species by humans
  • abolish the property status of other animals and grant them legal standing
    balance our federal, state, and territorial budgets
  • ensure equality under the law
  • end unsound criminal investigation, trial, sentencing, and incarceration systems
  • end non-emergency-based use of toxic and economically untenable fuels
    defend our air, land, and water resources from continued contamination and depletion
  • cultivate excellence in education
  • ban all GMOs
  • enhance our national security while eliminating practices that create profit motives to engage in war
  • replace the electoral college system with direct, democratic elections


  1. Q: The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular for many Americans. In addition to animal rights, is the Humane Party also involved in agricultural issues (GMO, pesticides, sustainability, etc.)?


A: I myself am a vegan of 17 years and feel it’s important to lead by example.   Rights for non-human animals is one component of the Humane Paty platform. However, as I mentioned previously, the Humane Party is committed to resolving noteworthy issues on a national level leveraging a two-pronged engagement model.  

First, we realize that there is an ethical path to forging a humane national identity, one which prizes empowered voters over elite insiders, respect over exploitation, initiative over entitlement, restraint over indulgence, transparency over obfuscation, foresight over myopia, and conservation over waste.

The Humane Party recognizes that the most ethical path is also the most practical path for America. Therefore, in developing solutions for the issues we face today, to travel down the ethical path would put us on a practical path where we forgo, eliminate, and avoid unsustainable — and destructive — practices that weaken our economy, accelerate our health care costs, compromise our descendants’ fiscal future, squander our natural resources, engender hostility among our fellow nations, and endanger our national security.

  1. Q: How can people contribute to the Humane Party if they’d like to get involved?

A: There are a number of ways people can get involved. First, visit and sign up as a volunteer.   We want to leverage our partner’s gifts, talents, and passions, so embedded in our volunteer sign-up form are radio buttons listing various interests.   Since I came aboard, one of my priorities is stabilizing our infrastructure to handle our growing support base.  

I would also invite you and your readers to visit, like, and engage our Facebook page(s). I say page(s) because not only do we have a Humane Party HQ page, but we also have many Humane Party Facebook pages which act as portals for state chapter involvement as well.

If I were able to look at each of your readers directly in the eye, I would ask that they each hold tightly a component of our platform, no matter which issue it is, and own it. Not rent it. Own it.   Talk about it.   Advocate for it.   Fight for it. Campaign for it. Blog about it. Speak about it. Share it.   Act on it.   Be the change in action that I am discussing here.   I agreed to take this position and refused any type of salary offered by the board.   This because I have found a cause that is so much bigger than me and the people I serve. Now, I live, every day, what I ask of you and your readers. There is so much at stake, especially when it comes to every sentient being’s right to live a healthy and prosperous life.  

I remain humble in asking, let the Humane Party be your voice.   Thanks for having me. 


Clifton Roberts, CEO of The Humane Party
Clifton Roberts, CEO of The Humane Party

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