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Christian Phyfier, of GPME Group, on Entertainment Marketing, Success, and Tips for Staying Motivated

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In this interview, I had the chance to catch up with Christian Phyfier, the 27 year-old serial entrepreneur who is making unprecedented waves in the business and entertainment industries. Check out our interview, as he talks about GPME Group, success, marketing, and his expert tips for staying motivated.

  1. Jan: Please tell us more about your company and / or yourself.

Christian Phyfier: The GPME Group is the parent company to several subsidiaries all ranging in various markets. The GPME headquarters is a multi-divisional entertainment and business development agency, providing photo, video production and recording studios, web and graphic design, public relations, make-up and hair styling, talent representation & much more under one roof. We are one of the only companies to offer our services in a membership based business model, providing an exclusive one stop shop to help any level entrepreneur achieve their goals in a cost effective, consistent way.

I personally am a 27 year old serial entrepreneur, talent agent, motivational speaker and business development agent. My company allows me to wear many hats but the four above are what I consider my passions. I started this company when I was 23 as a talent representation agency, obviously before the “Group.”

  1. Jan: What does GPME stand for, and what inspired the creation of this much-needed brand?

Christian: GPME originally stood for Global Phenomz Marketing Entertainment. As a young entertainment agent, my mind wasn’t thinking as broad as it is now. My little brother helped me think of the company name and because it focused heavily on managing entertainers and athletes the word Phenom had no negative effects. As we have expanded to represent more prestigious individuals and businesses, I needed to convert the name to something more suitable to the masses, but without losing the history behind my kid brothers input, thus GPME was created. Now “Global Phenomz” is only something you see on paychecks. Lol

  1. Jan: You also have a magazine and a Youtube show (awesome!). Please tell us more about those?

Christian: So yes, as I mentioned above the GPME Group has a few subsidiaries. One of which is Phenomz Nation Media Group which is a platform for different entertainment media outlets. Several shows are actually produced by the platform, such as a show soon to air locally in Arizona called Healthy Rehab Kitchen. But Phenomz Magazine & Tv are both different outlets that were created to shine light on individuals putting in work to live their dreams. I personally admire people who give their all, and don’t look back and make the choice that they will try their hardest despite the consequence of being incorrect. So that branch like to help them gain more exposure. You can check all of that out at

  1. Jan: You are based in Arizona, correct? Are your services primarily for local entrepreneurs and artists there?

Yes and no, I personally don’t consider myself based out of anywhere, I work with talent across the country. But yes, the GPME Group and its subsidiaries are based out of Az. While yes services like video production and photo shoots are for local clients, the remaining services we offer can be provided virtually. We work with several entertainers like IV (In yo veins), and the Gemini Twinz management team, who are both based out of Chicago.

  1. Jan: What does the entrepreneur and entertainment scene look like there?

I’ve lived and visited a lot of places in the country and while Arizona seems a little behind, we have plenty of hard working entertainment based entrepreneurs who are trying to pick it up and get it all together. With a few main hotspots for entertainment it’s all beginning to expand, which is honestly why I decided to build the agency here instead of somewhere else. Give Az 5 years, and it will be a hotspot. I think the state as a whole already does great parties when given the opportunity like super bowls and all star weekends, so I’m excited to see where it goes next.

  1. Jan: What is the most challenging aspect about what you do? How do you rise to meet that challenge?

The most challenging part is keeping up with such a fast paced entertainment and business market. Things become hot and cold so quickly in today’s world, and when you’re looked at as an expert on how someone should pursue their goal it gets a bit hectic. But I rise by staying in books, on blogs, predicting the next wave, researching the mentors prior to me, and finding the commonalities between how the successful people in a certain industry became successful. You truly have to enjoy what you do to become the best at a certain task, and I’m determined to be the best.


  1. Jan: How do you stay motivated daily? Any expert tips or advice?

To stay motivated day after day you really have to know yourself, through and through. You have to know what things you know will bother you and what things you know will make you feel good. For myself, I know certain types of music gets me in a certain type of mood. So in the morning whether in my car or in my home I turn that music that motivates me all the way up!

I also am very selective of who I hang around, and because of that I personally am alone a great deal of time. To achieve the amount of success I personally wish to have it requires that I keep control of my emotions. People don’t always help with that. So I only go around those who are going to keep spirits high, or I stay alone to make sure I keep them high.

Lastly, before I go to sleep I lay in bed and think of all the great achievements I wish to have in my life. I envision not only my well being, but the well being of those around me and what I will do for them. Those people, and thoughts remind me of why I work as hard as I do and what it all truly means to me. If there’s no major reason as to “why” you are doing something, then completing it feels a little more difficult.


  1. Jan: Where do you see yourself and / or GPME Group in the next 5 years?

I see myself as one of the most, if not the most, powerful agent on the planet. Creating win-win-win situations for every single client and allowing the GPME Group to supply the tools. I also expect by the 5th year to have placed another President in place to oversee this company, as I have several other ventures waiting for the green light one this one is complete.

GPME Group will be bigger than most imagine. I already have plans in the works for 2 more divisions and an expansive plan to duplicate what is being built now. I want more locations across the nation, more mergers and buyouts to enhance our capabilities, our new networking app releasing in June 2016 to be the leading way entrepreneurs connect and Phenomz Nation to have its own entertainment network.

  1. Jan: Best thing about what you do?

The best thing about what I do is creating connections and seeing people achieve what they once had written down on a piece of paper. I get a rush when my company expands into new territory or we build a new studio office space, and each time I get a client to achieve that it gives me the same feeling. I truly love helping passionate people find their way. A recording artist Jreal, told me after 3 months of being apart of our program that he’s never achieved this much buzz before in the 15 years of him being an artist. I like reminding people that the dream is still possible.

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