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Charley Karnes, Author of Intensities In Ten Cities, on Success, Misadventures, and the One Tip Every Aspiring Writer Should Know

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I recently had a wonderful conversation with Charley Karnes, author of Intensities In Ten Cities. Check out our interview to learn more about his success, misadventures, and the one tip every aspiring writer should know.

1) Jan:  Hi Charles, please give us some background about yourself and your new book, INTENSITIES IN TEN CITIES.

CK: Please, call me Charley.

Intensities in Ten Cities is available through my publisher, and you can check out three chapters for free!

A lot of people don’t like to write about themselves. I am one of those people.

I’m a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a Double Major in Journalism and Radio Television Motion Pictures Production. My background is journalism and multi-media. I was a darn good AP newspaper reporter / photographer. With many more careers (too many to list) mixed in there.

I don’t pay for any adventures, or go out looking for trouble!

Intensities In Ten Cities has been described as “A very fun and funny book.” I arranged the line-up so that readers would notice that each story is even better than the one before.

2) Jan:  Writing and publishing a book can an incredible, yet overwhelming process. If you had to share at least one guru tip with aspiring  writers, what would it be?

CK: While we’re using the term guru, my great friend at The Corner (Bee) did a tremendous job in the technical parts (layout, pagination, fonts, formats, resizing the art, cover coordination and more) of Intensities In Ten Cities. Bee is a guru and a shining lighthouse of help for everybody who needs help with print and web media.    

My advice to aspiring writers would be (drum roll please)…… Do it NOW.  Writing is a muscle. Get it in shape like a world class athlete. Read good writing.

Write and read what you wrote out loud. Be ready to edit and re-edit a LOT before putting your masterpiece out there for the world to see. When you read IITC, you can almost see my blood on the pages. Sixteen re-edits. Patience is a virtue.

3) Jan:  Your stories document both the highs and lows in life. What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve learned from your adventures?

CK: Actually, I think there is more to be learned as a result of the mis-adventures! Life is not a big bowl of Cool Whip and kiwi fruit. There are some truly great people in this world, and there are a LOT of folks on the other side of the coin. As you go through life, you will sort them out.

4) Jan: IITC is illustrated by Beth Obenshain. How did you meet? What drew you to her work?

CK: Beth and I both produce television shows at a local cable station in Chapel Hill.  When she married my good friend Scott, I shot the still photos of the wedding. She has several beautifully simple drawings framed and hanging on the walls of her house. Years later, I told her about Intensities In Ten Cities and she asked me who is doing the illustrations. And I said: “You!”

All told, it took about 14 months to get all the art into final format. I know you will like her work.

Beth also took the picture for the back cover, which was complete, accidental “serendipity”.

From German to English, Beth’s last name Obenshain translates into something like “pretty sunrise.”  She has a great heart.

5) Jan: What’s the most rewarding part about being a writer / author?

CK: I’m so honored and flattered. You people make me blush. Readers of all ages really like Intensities In Ten Cities. It is nice to see a stack of books and SASEs from people who want me to autograph their personal copy (Comono Productions, Box 1164 Chapel Hill, NC 27514).

6) What’s next? Are there new adventures planed for this year? If so, we’d love to know.

CK: What’s next? (LOL) Stay tuned. IITC will be translated into six languages (book tour coming up) and my wonderful publisher wants a sequel ASAP!

I’m also finishing a how-to book, launching another TV show, starting a non-profit that generates funding for other non-profits, and producing a major motion picture starring a lady who sings more beautifully than anyone you have ever heard in your entire life.

7) Jan: Charley Karnes, is there anything else you can share?

CK: Anything else? Intensities in Ten Cities is available through my publisher, two clicks away, and you can check out three chapters for free! The interactive blog is updated several times a week and available to non-FB readers just by putting Intensitiesyeehaw in your browser. The great majority of my readers (and they are great) are well-educated women of all colors who like to travel.   

Thanks for this interview, Jan!

As Yoda would say: “Beautiful, you are.”

Wishing all the best for you and everyone in your audience.

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