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Charles Lubbat on Business and Pool Design Consulting (Sweet Startups Interview)

Charles Lubbat is a talented professional known for possessing an uncommon zeal when it comes to tackling the complicated challenges so many home owners encounter during the earliest stages of development. A highly skilled swimming pool design consultant, Charles possesses a lengthy track record of success in creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional pools for families looking to create a customized backyard experience.


  1. Hi! Please tell us about yourself and your work.


I’m a swimming pool design consultant with over a decade’s worth of experience and expertise working with a wide range of materials and design elements. I provide comprehensive consulting services and specialize in unusual materials and custom designs, and I find that working with new home owners is especially rewarding.


  1. What inspired you to pursue a career as a swimming pool consultant?


I was actually accepted to architecture school and earned an architecture degree, but I just felt so passionate about the opportunities made possible through my consulting work that it was actually quite a simple decision to forego an architecture career in order to take on the challenges associated with startup endeavors.


  1. Who should consider working with a swimming pool design consultant? What does the ideal client look like for your company?


It’s no secret that I prefer to work with early-stage design and that I find this type of work to be far more rewarding than just about anything else, but it is not just the sense of accomplishment that accompanies conquering the unique challenges new designs tend to encounter that draws me to this particular area of specialization; there is also the opportunity to help a family realize the true potential of their home, both in the short and the long term.


Because of my unique approach and willingness to think outside the conventions of most contractors, my services have proven instrumental in ensuring my clients — whether it is an early-stage design or an established property— recognize what their home is capable of being and understand how to develop their land to fully capitalize on the land’s true potential.


  1. You are renowned for an unyielding work ethic and a willingness to take even the most complex challenges head-on: How do you balance your business life with your personal life?


Striking a balance between my personal and professional life is one of the reasons I prefer to work as a freelance business consultant. Although it is indeed the case that I am deeply committed to my clients and work tirelessly to support each and every one, my family will always be the most important part of my life. I love spending time with my lovely wife and our three daughters, so I understand the value of a balance between work and family.


  1. Any parting tips for entrepreneurs, especially those interested in your line of work?


Most of my clients are optimists, and although this is certainly a critical trait for any entrepreneur, I believe it is also important to recognize how our general outlook — whether it is positive or negative — might alter our perception. With the advanced design techniques at our disposal, new consultants looking to break into the field should focus on developing their own style and listening to clients wants and needs above all.


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