Carl Trumpberg, on The One Thing Entrepreneurs Should Never Do With Personal Brands

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Entrepreneurs and personal brands go hand and hand in this day and age. In this latest interview, I had the chance to catch up with Carl Trumpberg. Check out our Q and A and learn more about personal brands, and the one thing that entrepreneurs should never do when it comes to advertising their personal brands.

1. Q: Can you please provide our audience with a brief introduction about

A: I wanted to launch a personal website for two reasons. One, so that people I didn’t know could find me easier; and two, so that my personal network would realize I was serious about startups and be more aware of what I do professionally.


  1. Q: How did come about?


A: I’m a personal brand created by HandBrander, a service that builds you a personal website, and creates text and video content for you each month. You can see one of their clients websites at assuming he sticks with them for as long as this article is published!


  1. Q: Please give us a rundown of your products and services?


A: I’m not trying to sell anything, just report on startup founders and 3 tips they want to share with other founders. You can see the tips at, or use our contact form to submit your tips.


4. Q: Why is it so important for entrepreneurs to have personal brands in this day and age?


A: In 2016, we’re in an age where you can reach out to both your mom, and Mark Cuban from shark tank on twitter. The amount of time you spend with each of them in person directly correlates how much they care about your success and career. Social media functions as your ‘warm introduction’ to ballers and many of them will respond. But ONLY if your online brand is established, credible, and consistent. Those are just some of the things HandBrander helps with.


5. Q: So, we know that entrepreneur personalities can help sell products. Any tips on what an entrepreneur should NOT do with their personal brand?


A: An entrepreneur should NOT post content that is not relevant to what they are trying to sell. If I’m a ‘certified fake personal brand’ who writes about startups. I shouldn’t try to sell used cars to recent college graduates. It doesn’t make any sense.


Aspiring personal brands should ask their friends for feedback on how their online presence looks compared how their friends and professional contacts view them.

6. Q: Future goals for Carl? We’d love to know.

A: I think it would be a blast to write more questions related to my news source on It’s a great place to push your content and establish your credibility with your niche. Right now, I’m just helping share our Founder’s content at, but I’ve started to answer a few questions if they’re relevant to Startup Influencer.

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