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Born in Chicago, IL, and raised on the Southside Chicago, Iesha always knew that with Hard work, Motivation and Determination that she to can become and Englewood Success story. At the age of 14 she began working for herself every summer selling snowballs where she could literally make a $100 day, pretty good for a kid.

As she aged her interest in Business and Financing grew. This led her to attend one of the Top-Rated Private Colleges in IL, Robert Morris University. There she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

In 2007, Iesha interest in the Security industry grew then went back to school to obtain Her PERC. Now she can provide her own security for her company.

In 2012, Iesha begin to work in the food industry where her passion for food started to become her reality. Doing one of her favorite things Iesha decided that she also wanted to cook for a living.  Going back to school she earned her Food Management Sanitation Certification to be able to provide catering services in the state of Illinois in 2013.


BrownSugar Balloons

Iesha is a Woman of Excellence, self-motivated Mother and Business Woman. She gives everything she does 110%. She began to embrace this crazy amazing gift God had blessed her with in 2004. By using her raw talent and on the go creativity to create lively displays that will lift the spirits of ANYONE for ALL occasions. Knowing nothing of the balloon industry when starting out, she currently always finds herself trying to find out current trends in the industry, industry news, and hot topics trying to always keep up with SWOT- Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities or Threats in the industry. These are things that most people hate but this is the fun stuff for the Business Manager in her. Today she is a Certified Party Decorator, specializing in Weddings and Graduations.

BrownSugar’s Balloon Designs & Academy in Chicago, Il recently became a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN®), a professional organization dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in balloon decor and bouquets. As QBN members, businesses commit to sound and honorable business practices, continuing education, and the belief that balloons create atmosphere and communicate emotion in a uniquely effective way.

BroanSugar Balloons

“We believe that the high quality of the products we sell, and the professionalism in the services we offer, provide superior value to our customers,” said Iesha Trotter. “We’re excited to be able to bring this level of balloon artistry to the Chicagoland area.”  She has gained recognition as being one of the World’s Best Balloon Designs companies, and now International.

Iesha was offered a membership with The Greater Englewood Chamber of commerce for her Excellence, & integrity.

There is no greater joy for her to be able to provide happiness for her clients, to receive the positive feedback and to overall know that she has provided excellent customer service. serving thousands of clients over the years. Iesha is always outdone blown away by the client’s reaction and absolutely Loves it!!!

Most people think of balloons as being immature because, you think of balloons you think of kids, right? However, balloons can be done very elegantly and inviting welcoming your guest into any event space letting them know that this is where the party will be.

BrownSugar Balloons

Quote from the CEO, Iesha : “Having a team of people,  I am my only Designer. My car died being that it was paid for I had retail rent,  I didn’t want to take out a new car note. I was on the bus, train and Uber for 2 years doing events not 1 of my clients new this unless they seen me going to the bus stop. I injured my dominant hand and almost died the doctors said I should have been dead in 48 hrs, 4 surgeries later (3 in 1 week) Legally couldn’t work for 1 year anywhere.  I survived something that people don’t survive !

I have learned that there are really some genuine people out here that will help you, if you let them. Being asked to do decorations for the cities only daytime talk show Windy City Live,  being Awarded a car, paid in full, being inducted into my Almatar Hall of Fall, just to name a few. I would like to help as many people build their own Balloon designs companies and increase my company’s scholarship fund.”

To learn more, please check out BrownSugar’s Balloon Designs & Academy here:


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