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BoldLeads.com is a family-owned, resourceful service that aims to help real estate agents secure more leads. Read our interview to learn more about their success.

1. Q: Your site BoldLeads.com is making a lot of waves in the Real Estate Industry. Tell us about your company and what services you provide.

A: We help connect real estate agents with homeowners who are planning on selling their home. We do this through advertising campaigns that offer free reports and home value analytics to homeowners, and automated follow up tools to help convert incoming leads into clients.

2. Q: Bold Leads offers tons of cool features designed to help agents capture more leads. Could you highlight a couple of key features for our audience?

A: Our clients love any feature that makes their lives a little bit easier. Our automatic follow-up funnels allow agents to trigger a preset series of texts/ emails/voicemails with one click.

3. Q: Running a family owned company is very inspiring. What have you learned most from this experience?

A: I’ve learned to value trust over everything else. In a fast-moving and chaotic startup environment, it’s much more valuable to have someone you can trust, who is a fast-learner, than someone who you don’t know very well who may have more qualifications.

Bold Leads

4. Q: Real Estate is a tough business. How does it feel to help agents and consumers find success?

A: It’s great! The key is to stay a couple steps ahead of the herd, so you can position your clients for success on emerging platforms.

5. Q: With your enormous rate of success, what are some of your goals you would like to achieve this year?

A: We’re looking forward to launching a couple of new products and continuing to grow, while still maintaining high levels of service and results for clients, and maintaining our flexibility and fantastic company culture.



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  1. Janelle

    Boldleads is a wonderful company. They always go way above and beyond for my team. They also make it easy to take new listings as long as you follow up with your prospects. :) :)

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