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Big Wolf Marketing Ltd, on Success, Sales, and Being One of UK’s Leading Marketing Firms

Big Wolf Marketing Ltd, provides cutting-edge marketing services. Check out our interview to learn more about their sales and marketing success.

  1. Hi, can you tell us about Big Wolf Marketing, and the services that you provide?

Big Wolf Marketing Ltd, is one of the UK’s leading Appointment setting and lead generation companies. We help companies of all sizes, grow their business pipeline and ultimately increase profits. Services we provide are extensive, from e-mail marketing and digital engagement all the way through to telemarketing and lead generation which is of course our main stay of the business.

  1. What inspired you to create Big Wolf Marketing?The core values behind Big Wolf are growth with our clients and helping clients to over-come sales challenges. While we have grown significantly as a business over the last couple of years, we still hold the same core vision, and this vision is really the main reason for starting the company. Working at large telemarketing / marketing agencies as well as major corporate in the world of IT and finance I realize, there where lots of big telemarketing companies missing the mark, they bring clients on-board and don’t have a personal approach. At Big wolf marketing we have a small business approach to account management, we deal with you directly but we give you the corporate power, delivering results that are devised from corporate sales strategies.


  1. What does a typical client look like for you?

There really is not typical client, all clients differ in many ways, from what they are looking to achieve to their setup and structure. What all our clients do have as a common goal, is business development and growth and this is ultimately the reason they choose us.

  1. Companies that sale or market over the phone might generally have their hands full balancing so many other areas of their business. What are some benefits of using a telemarketing service like yours?

This is very true, a lot of the companies we work from, have a fantastic sales and account management team, but when there is the view to grow, we help them through this transitional period, so they can deliver the same quality service while also seeing growth that is constant with their company vision.

  1. One guru tip every business owner should know about B2B sales?

People buy from people, the propersition should add value, and in most circumstances act as the solution for a problem, if you sell to people on an emotional and direct level, its powerful and effective.

  1. As an entrepreneur, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

That nothing can be done for ego alone, its easy when your running a business to want to have your logo here or advertise there, but you have to look at the logical Return on investment.

  1. One goal you haven’t accomplished yet, that you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months (can be personal, professional or both)?

The company goal or main focus is stay in-line with the company vision and that’s constant results for the companies we represent. On a personal level though, I’d love to buy a small boat, that’s a goal, but there a lot of working hard to achieve that, fingers crossed.

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