Benefits Of Using Hosted Desktops

The hosted desktop is something that has become increasingly important in the last few years and so many businesses are now seeing the benefits of their use. If you haven’t we’ve created these tips to give you an idea of how you could gain.

Always ready – your own desktop, anywhere, anytime

With a hosted desktop, your staff will be able to access their own desktop computers through the internet, utilizing devices such as Macs, PCS, and even simpler ones such as smartphones, tablets and thin clients.

Lower Expenditure

As you won’t need to buy new PCS, software licence upgrades or servers, you won’t be investing continually in depreciating assets – freeing up money to be used in more strategic investments.

Customer-Specific Integrated Applications

The Hosted Desktop technology utilizes virtual servers dedicated to each customer in order to run their applications. This will make sure applications ran are secure and capable of interacting with one another – for instance, a user can integrate CRM application toolbars into Office the same way the would when using a Windows computer.

Resilient, Secure And Safe

Secure logon through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services’ encryption, as well as the ability to restrict users’ access to certain applications, files, and folders, Cloud Direct provides a very secure service.

State-of-the-art Technology

With automatic updates, you can free up your IT team’s time, allowing then to focus on strategical tasks which will add more value to your business.

Centralised Data

Your important data will be held centrally on your Hosted Desktop – considerably lowering the time it takes to find important documents when you need them.

Flexible Work

According to recent studies, the option of working from home increases the productivity, loyalty and morale of your staff. It also helps you recruit from larger geographical locations, since it eliminates the need for daily commuting.

Collaborative Working

Sharing folders, documents and calendars automatically across your entire team will improve coordination and productivity.

Lower IT Operating Costs

With a Hosted Desktop, you’ll pay only for what you use – and you’ll spend much less time maintaining and managing your IT system. Here are some more tips to cut costs.

Easier Budgeting

Costs become a lot more predictable with fixed monthly pricing.

Computer Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whenever you have internet access, you’ll be able to access your computer. At home, in a hotel, even through your iPad. If you can access the internet, your desktop will be available, with all your files and programs.

With our hyper modern data centres, your data will be accessed very swiftly at all times. It uses lightning fast connections and has a guaranteed power supply.

Extra Safety And Backup

You’ll also benefit from our firewall and antivirus software – which are both constantly up-to-date, offering the best protection possible from intruders. Your data will be stored in our data centres, with monitoring and video surveillance. We make permanent backups of your files and programs as well, so you don’t lose one byte of your precious data.

Local Support

If you have any problems or questions, the local service partner will be at your disposal, ready to help. Based in the agreements you have with them, they’ll quickly come to the rescue, providing an efficient, easy solution.

Note: This is a guest post.

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