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Anna Kourteli, Owner of That Secretary, on Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

In this interview, I had the chance to talk with Anna Kourteli, owner of In our Q. and A. session she talks about how her secretarial and business services help entrepreneurs and individuals achieve more. Check out our conversation below to learn more.


  1. Jan from Sweet Startups: Hello! Please tell us about yourself and your company.

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: Hello and thank you for giving me the chance to talk about my entrepreneurship endeavors! My name’s Anna Kourteli and I’m the owner of That Secretary, a newly established online business, catering to high-end, ambitious coaches as the “one-stop shop” for social media management, administrative solutions and personal concierge. I’m an entrepreneur by nature and I have a passion for all things administration! I’m a single mom to a 3-year-old prince and I aim to help people through the challenging yet creative journey of running a business effectively and skyrocketing their income!


  1. Jan from Sweet Startups: What inspired you to start

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: My inspiration in founding That Secretary were actually my clients. I’d been freelancing for over 7 years as a Virtual Assistant in major platforms and had established long-term relationships in most of the cases. In discussions I had with some of my clients, I realized they didn’t just need a versatile, knowledgeable assistant – they rather looked for a dependable, trustworthy and attentive ally that could take things off their plate, giving them the ability to strategically grow their business and live the 5start life they desire.

Their pain point, which That Secretary aims to alleviate, is partnering with a professional who won’t just exchange dollars for hours but who will, instead, care about their business growth and become an indispensable part of their success. We are here to build strategic relationships giving our clients full attention and dedication while assisting them with major and minor day to day tasks.


  1. Jan from Sweet Startups: Why is it important for coaches to outsource some of their daily duties?

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: It has been surveyed that business owners spend a 40-60% of their time trying to handle all aspects of their business themselves. That’s a whopping 40-60% in lost revenue! In this effect, I wouldn’t say it’s just important; I’d say it’s imperative. The coaching industry is a billion industry and that means there’s a market spot for coaches who are focused in creating and sustaining a multi-figure business. But – take it from me – it can be very challenging and energy consuming trying to deal with every particular business operation on your own!

Let’s delve a bit into it: the fundamental “sectors” of running a business are

  • Business Development
  • Administration
  • Marketing and Networking
  • Working with clients

Each sector comes with a ton of procedures and crucial operations to have your business humming along smoothly! Given that time is fixed, the only parameter that can flex is your energy! Coaching people is an energy consuming profession in itself and dealing with every other detail to have your business up and running will inevitably put you in the hamster wheel! And that’s exactly where we step in to give a helping hand!

Better focus – Faster progress – More money


4. Jan from Sweet Startups: Please tell us more about your social media management services.

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: Social Media for Business nowadays is a no brainer! In fact, social media users are the largest growing segment of the Internet and as a result, retaining an active presence online in no longer optional.

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is definitely the top option for businesses as it tends to provide the greatest ROI, and customers, in general, will expect that a business has an active profile on that platform. Understanding the challenges of entrepreneurs and small business owners we decided to focus exclusively on Facebook to assist with working on tighter budgets and helping out business owners who are just getting started.

Currently our most advanced package offers a range of services such as

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Advertising strategy, set-up and management

Original content curation

40 posts per month (up to 25 being graphics)

Facebook Live Videos

Daily monitoring of asset

1-hour customer response (during business hours)

Follower engagement

Contests & Sweepstakes

Group participation

​Weekly recap session

This package is actually our best seller when it comes to social media management and as a quick search can attest, it’s over 50% off to what a marketing agency would invoice! Keeping our operative costs low, helps us provide quality services at the most competitive market rates possible.


5. Jan from Sweet Startups: Most rewarding aspect about what you do?

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: By far the most rewarding part of the business is the feedback and appraisals received by our clients. It’s valuable to see our efforts and consistent work being recognized while being able to help clients skyrocket and lead the life they desire. It’s a win-win!


6. Jan from Sweet Startups: Favorite motivational quote?

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary: “It is in our darkest moments where we have to focus to see the light” as the Greek mogul Aristotle Onassis said once. I find this particular quote highly motivating when it comes to dealing and overcoming life and business challenges.


7. Jan from Sweet Startups: Any particular tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Anna Kourteli, owner – That Secretary:

Take risks


Take everything with a grain of salt

Stop questioning yourself and abilities

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