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Adam Waring, of Aussie Ninja Warrior, on How to Train to Compete for American Ninja Warrior and Australian Ninja Warrior TV Shows

Ever wanted to try your luck at competing on American Ninja Warrior or Australian Ninja Warrior?  Training for not one, but two of the most actively thrilling TV shows might sound intense, but Adam Waring, starter of Aussie Ninja Warrior, tells us how he’s doing it. Read below to learn about his new book, as he details his amazing journey to becoming a “ninja”.

  1. Hi! Please tell us more about yourself and Aussie Ninja Warrior.

Hi, my name is Adam Waring.  I moved to the US to train and compete on American Ninja Warrior, but almost as soon as I landed on the plane from Australia, Australian Ninja Warrior was announced. So now I’m training for both!

Australian Ninja Warrior

  1. What inspired you to start Aussie Ninja Warrior?

When I first starting training for American Ninja Warrior, I found it really hard to find any good advice online. I honestly had no idea where to even start. The advice only came once I started travelling around America to the specific Ninja Warrior gyms and would chat to the Americans training to be on American Ninja Warrior. With that experience I thought I’d help out all the new people that are also interested in learning and competing. I specifically really want to recreate the incredible American community in Australia, and then all over the world.


  1. What are some of the features offered on your site?

I’m really just adding things as I think of them, so if there is anything people particularly want to see they can let me know. I’m writing blogs on the tips and tricks the American Ninjas are sharing with me, as well as articles on my own experience and interviews with other Ninjas In Training. I’ve also got videos, a forum and another website that lists all the gyms in Australia that have ninja obstacles to train on.


  1. How are you training for American Ninja Warrior Season 10 and Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2?

It’s not easy, you need to be good at a whole heap of different skill sets; from climbing to gymnastics to parkour to overall fitness. You need to have a great story and be good at talking into a television camera. You need to have time away from work to film the show… It’s hard, but it’s also incredibly worthwhile and exciting. I’m training 5 days a week, trying to develop all the above skillsets. The amazing (and sometimes heart-breaking) thing about Ninja Warrior competitions is that you’ll never know what they’ll throw at you.. so you really do have to train for every eventuality.


  1. You also have a new book out (awesome). Please tell us more about that?

I started writing it just for me, I wanted to put everything I had learnt in one place…. Sometimes it was training techniques, sometimes it was tips on how to approach the competition, or how to tackle the mental challenge aspect of an obstacle. I got to thinking about how generous everyone I had met was with their advice and knowledge. The amazing thing about the Ninja Warrior community is that there are no teams, there are no winners or losers… it’s everyone against the course… and so I wanted to share what I had learnt with the new people training for Australian Ninja Warrior who had never experienced the support the American Ninja Warrior community has for each other.


  1. Future goals, we’d love to know?

I’m currently in America training to compete in some of the smaller local Ninja Warrior competitions dotted around the States. I’ve got one in a couple of days and another one in two weeks. I’d love to place in the top 3 competitors for those so I can make it into the finals… this will determine what might be lacking in my training and then fix those gaps. It’ll also teach me to perform in front of a crowd. I’ll then take those learnings and develop them for my application to both American and Australian Ninja Warrior shows.

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