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A Note From Plus Fashion Model Latonia “ShoStoppa” Martin

Please tell us about yourself and your goals?


My name is Latonia Martin and I am a strong, powerful, black female in the fashion industry. Hence, why I refer to myself as “Shostoppa.” My long term goals are to get my Master’s Degree in Nursing and become an established business woman alongside a successful print model. Because having a thriving modeling career involves a lot on investment, I wish I had’ve started as a young child.”

What type of things do you have coming up in the future?

“I have a ton of things coming up such as modeling in The Midwest Summer Classic fashion show produced by Rush Radio! Having awesome role models such as Ashley Graham modernizing and popularizing being “plus size,” I feel that it is much easier for curvy women to achieve flourishing fashion careers!”

How do you accomplish your dreams?

“I stand behind chasing your dreams and not stopping until goals are accomplished. I may slow down but don’t count me out! Believe me when I say that I run towards my fears, not away from them!







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