A 23 Years old Nigerian Girl Kalaria Ejindu Creates a Concept that Would Certainly Challenge Other Entrepreneurs!

Starting a company has many challenges and each company might face their own troubles every once in a while. My start-up journey, however, had an extra set of challenges that I had to deal with. I was thrown around in life and I felt despondent about my new business venture. I knew that I had to delve deep within myself in order to produce something amazing, and eventually I did it. This is the story of Africaneurs and how I had to challenge myself in order to create a concept that would certainly challenge others.

Africaneurs Inc. was started after I faced several challenges with my first company. I knew that I had a business that did not really stand out from the rest and I was slowly drowning in an ocean where everything was the same. My business was suffering from this and I knew I had to make a change. I sought advice, but I could not find a company that was offering me everything that I needed. The more I searched, the less I found and in the end I felt stuck in this pool of sameness. Then I stopped looking towards others for help and started looking towards myself.

I came up with this vision to start the company that I needed to help myself out of my predicament. I knew it was going to be unique and exciting which is why I got to work on it right away. I wanted to start a company that would help smaller businesses and start-ups get their feet off the ground with a solid support structure. It would help start-ups take their innovative ideas and put it into action so that it could achieve a level of success. I wanted my company to be a platform where entrepreneurs were encouraged to do their best and to put hard work in because it would pay off in the end. It had to inspire, guide, connect and empower entrepreneurs to build on their entrepreneurial goals.

I started the business in January of 2016 and it opened up so many amazing doors for me. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with entrepreneurs worldwide and this in turn helped me to grow as an entrepreneur myself. I have partnered with some amazing people and great business minds that helped me in creating successful events where entrepreneurs could gather enough resources to make their dreams reality. I could now happily bring people together where they could discuss their ideas and challenge each other to become better entrepreneurs.

I have been able to meet with champions that inspired me and helped me to build my own brand. This journey has taught me so much and I hope that I can do the same for entrepreneurs worldwide. Are hoping to start your journey as an entrepreneur but don’t know how? Please feel free to reach out to me via email! Also check out my website! My name is Kalaria Ejindu and I am the founder and CEO of Africaneurs Inc.

 Note: This is a guest post.

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