9 Ways To Reignite Your Business Mojo in the New Year for 2018

Everyone loves a New Year… right? It’s the perfect time to reflect, rejuvenate, start fresh and get your mojo back! Some people use this time to kick bad habits, start living healthier, set new goals, or find a greater appreciation for life. Even entrepreneurs feel that special sparkle that shines around this time. Why not take advantage of that? Use that energy to help nudge you into success, propelling you to grow to the next level. Below, are 9 ways to reignite your business mojo in the New Year.

1. New Logo, Who’s This?

If you want to feel re-inspired by your brand, consider getting a new logo. From a personal perspective, a new logo can help you fall in love with your business all over again. A new design can be refreshing and can give you something to get excited about. From a business perspective, a fresh logo might be just the thing to help you attract more clients.

2. Start Where You Left Off… That Simple.

Maybe you haven’t blogged in a couple of months; maybe you never got around to launching that new product, or publishing that best selling book. Whatever the case, don’t let the last note that you left off on be your last. Pick right back up and keep on going. A forgotten dream has the strange potential to turn into your greatest success story. You got this!

3. Go from “Same Old Same Old” to a Change in Scenery.

Sometimes looking at the same business / work space on the daily can make things seem so monotonous. Break the dull cycle and change things up! Get a new piece of inspiring artwork for the walls. Change your desk to a new location. Throw on a fresh coat of paint. Switch your shelves and products around to give your business space a different feeling. Upgrade your labels or your product packaging to be more modern. Hey, you change clothes everyday, your business deserves to get a new look every so often too ;).

4. Let Go and Grow.

Sometimes your business has what it takes to shine, but something may be dulling it down. If there is anything that is stopping you from creating and running the best darn business that you can, identify it and then: LET. IT. GO. Whether it’s fear, doubting friends or family, or anything else that may be stifling you, push past it until you reach your goals. You deserve to be successful!

5. Remember Why You Started it.

Remembering why you started your company is a great way to re-connect you and your business in perfect harmony. Hey sometimes we forget the “why”, which is essential, because it could be the very fuel you need to help drive you to your destiny.  Maybe you want to be able to have that personal freedom to spend time with your loved ones. Maybe you want to travel more, or have an abundance of wealth. Whatever your “why”, now’s a great time to remember it and use that to help re-inspire you.

6. More Energy Please.

If you are looking for ways to reignite your passion for your business, consider reigniting your own personal health… literally. Sometimes the lack of energy, or feeling overwhelmed can leave you feeling drained and disinterested in your business. Take a jog to help release positive endorphins, or check out natural energy-boosting supplements like Spirulina, B12, Ashwagandha, or Yerba Mate.

7. Personal Pep Talks.

You got this! You’re amazing! You can totally make that goal happen, easy peasy. You’re a badass, bossy business force to be reckoned with… and don’t you forget it :)! Encouraging yourself daily is the way to go if you ever loose sight of how awesome you and your business are, just remind yourself.

8. Set a 24-hour Goal. Achieve it. Repeat.

It’s easy to set goals so far down the line in the distant future, that they may or may not happen. While some goals, do take time to achieve, others are easy to knock out in a day. Set a small, but important goal, and try to see if you can get it done in 24-hours.  Just the thought of achieving something small in a short amount of time is momentous in its own right. The feeling of accomplishing a goal can help inspire you to do it again and again, until you’re in the full swing of being a goal-achieving machine.

9. If you Planted a Seed, Water the Lead.

This is the perfect time for strengthening your leads. More specifically, if you’ve planted “sales” seeds, water them. This could mean following-up, sending out product samples or new media, or anything else that’s relevant to your business. Sometimes clients and potential clients can get overlooked… it happens. Send that email. Make that call. Mail that letter. Nurturing your leads can lead to unexpected and unprecedented sales that your business needs to thrive.

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Mark Blank

Sweet Startups co-founder and Yale grad school dropout. Mark sold his first website at age 22, and currently provides consulting services to small business startups around the world.

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