7 Top Shipping Supplies for E-Commerce Startups

If you’re getting ready to launch your e-commerce startup, you will most certainly need shipping supplies if you intend on mailing out your own items. Shipping may seem like a tedious job at first, but being prepared is more than half the battle. Below, we’ve gathered a list of 7 top shipping supplies that every new business owner should have. These supplies might vary slightly depending on your product line, but this is a great starting point to help you get the ball rolling smoothly.

1. Mailing Envelopes

If you are selling smaller items, like jewelry, phone accessories, etc. mailing envelops are a must have! These are ideal for shipping First Class items that weigh 13 oz or less. Consider ordering bulk envelopes – this is a savvy way to get more bang for your buck and save out big in the long run.

2. FREE Boxes from USPS

Mailing something over 13 oz? If you are using USPS, you can order FREE Priority shipping boxes from their website. Your regular post person will deliver the boxes straight to your doorstep completely free of charge! Plan on getting boxes that coincide with the size of your products (don’t forget to check out the package measurements to make sure they are not too big or not too small).

3. Digital Scale

Always weigh your package before you mail it! Investing in a heavy duty digital scale will ensure accuracy and help prevent overpaying as well as underpaying mishaps. A heavy duty scale also has the capacity to weigh items up to 400 lbs! This is great for businesses that will sell a variety of small and large items.

4. Adhesive Shipping Labels

If you want to print out your own shipping labels from home, self adhesive shipping labels are perfect way to go! Just print them and stick them, ditch the glue and tape.

5. Air Pillows

This might just be one of the most exciting shipping products to buy for your business. Air pillows are used to insulate and protect your products to guard against getting damaged during transit. They also don’t weigh a lot, which makes them the perfect filler to help you save on costs.

6. Fragile Stamp

Shipping something delicate? Getting your own “Fragile” stamp can help notify the mail carrier to handle your package with care.

7. Ink… Ink… Ink!

Don’t forget to load up on ink! Yes, ink, while it may seem small, keeping up with your ink supplies can assist with making sure your business is flowing seamlessly. Always keep an eye out on your printer’s supply levels if you have a laser or inkjet printer.


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