7 Signs You’re an Empath Entrepreneur

Empaths are people who can feel and take on other people’s feelings. They are highly sensitive and naturally in tune with themselves as well as with others. Although this trait may seem like a lot to bare at times, it is actually an invaluable characteristic if you are an entrepreneur. Owning your own company takes a lot of energy to start, maintain and grow. The empathic entrepreneur’s emotional capacity often makes them excellent business owners (as long as they maintain balance in their lives). Below are 7 signs that you’re an empath entrepreneur.

1. You Care More About Your Customers Than Money.

Don’t get me wrong, if you own a business, you definitely want to get sales. But, empaths know that it’s not always just about money or the bottom line. It’s about your customers’ satisfaction and feelings. You want to make sure your customers are happy campers.

2. You like Working Alone Sometimes… and That’s Ok.

While a lot of people may love big social environments, empaths enjoy the solo route from time to time.  In professional settings, they sometimes prefer to be alone vs. having business partners. When it comes to productivity, flying solo actually helps them get more done, as sometimes being around too many people can be draining to their naturally giving personalities.

3. You Want to Make a Real Difference With Your Products / Services.

Empaths usually want to make an impact or solve a problem. This is one of their best traits as business owners. Their unique ability to solve problems makes them super creative and innovative, which propels them to create solutions that the world needs.

4. You Listen to Constructive Feedback and Make Improvements.

Empathic entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to change for the better. Although you may be sensitive, you actually want to know the truth about how others feel so that you can make things as optimal as possible. This characteristic is great if you are a business owner, because it means that you are always willing to improve your company. Your customers will recognize your knack for being genuine and appreciate the fact that you actually do care about them. This could make you more successful than the average joe.

5. You Can’t Stand Narcissists.

Although you can feel the energy of others, you don’t like negative or manipulative energy, whether it’s from customers or b2b interactions. Empaths typically steer clear of these personalities because they can be draining and toxic.

6. You are Actually Passionate About What You Do.

Empathic entrepreneurs won’t just create a startup just because. They are actually really passionate about what they do. This is one of their best qualities.

7. You Go the Extra Mile.

If you are not afraid to give… and give… and give some more… you are probably an empathic entrepreneur. A lot of empaths make great non-profit organization owners, and even if they run a for profit business, they are usually the ones who are hosting contests, giveaways, promotions, sales, etc. because it is in their nature to give to others. Even though it can be exhausting to give, it’s important to set boundaries and find healthy ways to do it that work for both you and your business.

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