7 Reasons Why You Should Use Shopify as Your Ecommerce Platform in 2018

As a startup ecommerce business owner, you will have many choices to make regarding your company. For instance, do you sell all your merchandise online or both online and offline? How do you attract customers to your site? And once there, how do you entice them to purchase your products? In this post, you will learn about seven reasons why you should choose Shopify if you are planning to sell your products using an ecommerce website.

Why use Shopify for an Ecommerce Startup?

    1. It makes ecommerce easy ,– with Shopify you can sell everything from e-books, videos, t-shirts, and practically anything else that you can imagine, without worrying about issues such as hosting and payments. Shopify is an “all-in-one” selling platform. This means that you do not have to use any other services outside of the ones that they provide. This is extremely desirable if you are looking to save time and money.
    2. Shopify is accommodating and reliable – you can add apps to your startup website to increase your ecommerce options. Apps give you the opportunity to add personalized features that make your shop stand out from the crowd!
    3. You can manage it – when you use this platform, you can make your website manageable by either an individual (you as the proprietor) or a team. This is great for both small businesses as well as larger enterprises.
    4. Shopify is secure – the online retailing platform takes care of security issues for you as the owner, giving you the peace of mind you will need to steer your company forward.
    5. It allows customizable website designs – in online sales, your website design makes the difference between making sales or having empty shopping carts. Having a customizable site option is therefore convenient for you as an online startup manager.
    6. It’s easy to manage your SEO with Shopify – this makes it convenient when you want to drive traffic to your website, because you can be more visible in search engines.
    7. You can save significant time in creating your site when you use the platform – after all, themes and features are readily available to you. You just have to pick the ones that suit your business. In fact, you can build your site in two days or less when using Shopify.

With all these benefits attached to it, Shopify is a pretty good option for you if you’re starting an online retail business.

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