7 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Water Damage Business

At, we take pride in our service and certification as professional technicians. Our daily jobs require us to. So much pride, we want to tell you seven reasons why you should consider joining the water damage business!

  1. It’s a Growing Business

Until advanced technology is created, indoor plumbing will continue to distribute water through piping networks. Pipes eventually rust or break and the yearly seasons take a toll on the effectiveness and quality. Homes, apartments, and living spaces are continually being built to meet population demands. Higher population means increased infrastructure – needing more plumbing. Plumbing system failures are the second leading source of water losses in residences – claiming 48% of them. Do you see the correlation? Plumbing growth means increased risk of water damage – not even including weather damage. Therefore, more technicians are needed!


  1. Water Damage Repair is Needed All Year-round

Rainy seasons cause flooding. Cold weather causes pipes to potentially burst. They can rust at any time. For example, you would think a cold state would have the highest water damage claims, however, California did! The top ranks were taken by some of the hottest states – California, Florida, and Texas – which do not experience cold seasons that typically increase pipe damage claims. Also, between 2014 and 2015, the top ten states claiming water damage increased by 2% – making a yearly total of 56% for 2015. Thus, supporting that water damage repair can be needed at any time.

  1. You can Work As Self-Employed or With A Franchise

As a water repair technician, you can work as a self-employed technician – whether freelancing or owning your own company – or for a franchise. The choice is yours! If you decided to run your own company, be smart and make it a frugal business.

  1. You Get a Nice Paycheck

At the end of 2016, the average water restoration technician took home $19.38 per hour in pay. That is a hefty chunk of change considering a 40-hour week will on average make $775.20. That’s more than some people make in a month! Tips commonly ranged from zero to $2.19. Over-time is worth the time as an hour can let a technician bank between $19.88-$41.45. Overall, technicians will profit between $30,455 and $67,094 yearly.


  1. Training is Not Long At All

Many professions require you to attend school for years to get an undergraduate degree – not for water damage. Technicians usually only need to take a training course – commonly with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) – that takes approximately less than 24hrs. This is typically for a “journeyman” status which is an entry to basic level in the workforce. Higher training is available at a master level to those who meet requirements – including an amount of time in service and staying up-to-date with passing certifications.

  1. It Can Be A Profession or Hobby

Some people like to repair things with their hands for fun, others prefer money. As a technician, you can do it for one or both reasons. It’s a rewarding job in both customer service and income. Training is not long or outrageously expensive like college so it is not a costly investment over the long-run.

  1. You Have A Skill-Set To Use Outside of Work

Finally, as a certified technician, you have the skills and knowledge to take care of home repairs yourself. You don’t need to rely on calling a company because you have the tools and know how to fix it yourself. Being handy at home means saving money during unexpected problems!



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