7 Reasons Introverts Make Better Startup Owners

Introverts make up an estimated 25 % to 40 % of the population. Although they may seem shy or withdrawn, those can be super powers in today’s startup culture. With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, entrepreneurs who may have once kept to themselves, now have the time to shine. If you are an introvert, here are 7 reasons why you may be a better startup owner.

1. Spending Time Alone Makes You More Creative

You like to spend time alone, no biggie. Having a little extra time on your hands is actually a great way to get more done. By allocating your natural “me time” properly, you can easily tap into your creative juices and create the startup you always dreamed about.

2. You’re More Optimistic

Although you may get anxious sometimes, you are an optimist at heart. If you welcome your optimistic side to take over, there is nothing that can stop you… or your business. Hone in on your positivity and get things done!


3. Self Reflection Guides You

Introverts are naturally self reflective. Being introspective gives you a better opportunity to make improvements to grow your startup business. But… be careful, because too much self reflection might lead to self doubt. However, just the right amount can help propel your business to new heights!

4. Honesty is Your Policy

Introverts don’t shy away from the truth! Your honest nature helps you create a business based on quality and fairness. You are upfront about your products and services and this helps you attract even more business.

5. You Don’t Care About What the Crowd Does

Unlike your extroverted counterpart, you aren’t trying to roll with the crowd. You march to the beat of your own drum and this naturally makes you more innovative. Using your innovation can help you make products and services to cater to niche markets that often get overlooked. Your amazing, individuality makes you uniquely qualified to be successful in a plethora of up-and-coming industries.

6. You’re Easy to Talk to

Introverts are great listeners, which makes them easy to talk to. Whether it’s listening to your customers’ feedback and making improvements, or just making your client’s feel important, you have a knack for connecting with others, which will help you go far in business. Just be sure to replenish your energy after engaging with others and you’ll be just fine!


7. Being Balanced Helps You Get More Sales

Sure, you like to win but you also want your customers to win too. Introverts make great startup owners because they truly care about creating a balanced business ecosystem. Genuinely caring about your customers’ needs (not just making a buck) can set you a part from your competitors and help you thrive in the long run. Reading The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone is a great place to start if you need more tips for how to boost your sells.

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Laura Smidt

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