7 Effective Reputation Management Tips

Creating a solid reputation online that people see as positive can be quite challenging for businesses. However, these seven tips for effective rep management will make the whole thing a lot easier.


  1. Motivate Your Customers to Share Positive Experiences and Reviews


There are many ways in which you can motivate your customers but one of the most effective ways can be a simple request or a reminder such as asking your customers whether you exceeded their expectations and requesting them to share their positive experiences. This can be placed on various pages on the website, at the bottom of a receipt as well as on a sign in the establishment.


While many customers don’t think twice before sharing negative comments with the world, most customers are not in the habit of voicing appreciation or offering positive reviews for great service suggest Reputation Communications. Also, it is important that you start getting these positive reviews as early as possible. In simple terms, you shouldn’t wait until you are besieged by negative reviews to start working on your reputation.


  1. Consumers Want Connection and Solutions


Consumers want solutions and providing solutions is your way to tell them how you are adding value. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of companies that address consumer complaints through specially created social media accounts.. It gives a boost to your reputation as customers can see that you care about them and are trying to solve their problems.


  1. Share Your Company’s Story Creatively


One of the ways in which you can get creative is through your content. You can connect consumers with your company by sharing your history including the mistakes made and other such things. You may also share real-life examples to show consumers how your services or products have helped others. Don’t forget to create a friendly atmosphere by using a conversational tone instead of using confusing corporate jargon. This helps in humanizing your business and allows customers to better relate to your company and enables you to get ahead of competitors. Here are some good tips.


  1. Constant Monitoring Of Conversations


Keep in mind that is someone is already talking about your company even when you are not. For instance, your customers may be sharing their negative experiences on social media and posting complaints regarding your customer service. If you do not monitor conversations on social media, you won’t realize how a particular issue affects your reputation or you need improvements in certain regards.


  1. Your Employees Should Be Able to Share Content


Social media has become so widespread today that where you like or not, your employees are going to share content about the company. So, the best way to get ahead is to given your employees an avenue where they can post when they have something great to say about your company. However, you must set rules and management oversight along with clearly defined consequences for any misbehavior. This will prevent damage to your brand and save your company from becoming a laughing stock when some employees makes an ill-conceived comment or shares a tweet using the social media accounts of their company. There have been a number of such instances and the best way to prevent these is to get ahead.


  1. Relearn Social Media


Social media is much more than just a means for getting traffic to your latest piece of content or for adding your views on a trending topic. You should seriously think about expanding your use of social media as social media has a huge number of users and many others list it as their preferred communication method. You can use your social media accounts to offer useful information, deliver crisis communication responses and post announcements. These will help in positioning your company as one of the thought leaders in your business niche.


  1. Keep in Mind That Social Media Is Extremely Powerful


Google has recently re-signed an agreement with Twitter that allows Google to show tweets in the search results which means that social media is going to have an even bigger effect on the reputation of your company. For instance, if there are even a few online negative comments about your business, people searching for your company name on Google may see those negative comments instead of all the other good work that you want to be seen.


Also, social media posts are increasingly being picked up by news media which shows that your social media posts available to just a chosen few but almost everyone can see them. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that any post made by you affects your business, its reputation as well its profitability.

Note: This is a guest post.

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