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6 Ways SEO Has Changed Over the Years

“Change is the only constant,” said a great man and the quote remains true till date. Everything in the world changes with passage of time, even the most powerful ruler becomes very weak some day or a very rich person becomes poor. Change has also been the constant of Search Engine Optimization, with the ranking algorithms and techniques changing frequently.

From the initial days of Search Engines, SEO has moved a lot. Let us have a look at some of the prominent changes in SEO over the years. Search Engine Optimization Companies, keep this in mind.

  1. Slow decline of Keyword beefing

Abundant use of keywords used to be one of the most popular SEO practice in initial days but with the updates Panda and Penguin in the Google algorithm, the practice of beefing up keywords started to be penalized. Then came the Hummingbird update and keyword became a very small player in the small field named SEO.

So, from the time of being the soul of SEO to being relegated as the fringe member, keywords have declined a lot. This very well speaks about how stringent the ranking and optimization techniques have become with new algorithm updates. So, next time you write a piece for any website, keep this new update in mind and use around one to two percent of the total words as keywords.

  1. Quantitative to Qualitative side of link building

Link building was and it still remains an important part of the Search Engine Optimization. However, the method of analysis of links has changed with search engines putting more focus on the quality of the links rather than the quantity.

In the initial days of SEO, back linking worked as quick solution for higher ranking, which lead to some search engine optimization companies putting in false links which had no importance to the context of the writing. This resulted in higher rankings but as it has always been the case with Google, they caught the trick and amended their ranking algorithm. Currently, the number of links is usually limited to three or less, but the quality of the links and their relevance to the given topic are what matter in the SEO. So, try to put in quality links in the articles and webpages.

  1. Quality of Content

Before the Panda update of 2011, the any Search Engine Optimization Company used to take care of the quantitative nature of content rather than the qualitative part. As a result of this, the content were stuffed with keywords but made very little sense. When the users clicked on the link, they were left unsatisfied with the quality of content.

To curb this way of SEO companies, Google started to focus on the content quality. The quality of the content and customer satisfaction arising out of the content was thoroughly observed before ranking the page. This sent back the focus of writing on content, which is the ideal scenario. So now days, you have to write quality content to have good SEO.

  1. Importance of Local Connect

What will you do with the results of a German website when you are residing in Canada? Of course, they will be of no use to you. This local connect importance was realized lately by Google and they started to rank the websites as per the country from where the user was searching.

The Pigeon update of Google algorithm brought into picture the traditional web ranking signals depending on the country and quotes and other important stuff related to the country. This made search result much more efficient and commendable.

  1. Resurrection of Meta title and Changed Title approach

Meta title was an important part of the SEO in initial period but later on lost its importance due to malpractices. However, the Meta title and different titles still have great importance in context to the rating of webpage in new algorithm.

  1. Rise of Mobile Friendly Approach

With rise of smartphones, Mobile Friendly quality of the websites was analyzed by the algorithm, which was never the case before. This is a new change that Search Engine Optimization Companies need to take into consideration.

So, Search Engine Optimization is and will remain an important tool for growing your business but like all other things in the world, SEO is also changing. So, these are some of the changes that SEO companies need to accommodate while optimizing the websites for best results.

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