5 Summer Startup Ideas for Kids Under $40

Do you want your kids to learn the value of earning money at a young age? If yes, you should consider the following business ideas for kids during this year’s summer season. Each business is extremely affordable, and starts at around 40 bucks to start up!

1. Lemonade Stand

Stand Cost: $39.99

It’s hot outside, and there’s nothing quite as classic as a lemonade stand to help beat the heat! To start this business, you will need the following materials: lemonade mix, pitcher, plastic cups, markers and paint to customize your signage, and of course, a lemonade stand! Ensure that you find a spot on the sidewalk with heavy foot traffic. Use bright colors and legible font to attract passersby and vocally advertise your lemonade by shouting “lemonade!” for example. Have a reasonable price for your lemonade but there is no harm in raising the price on a hot day!

2. Kid’s 3D Printing Pen

Pen Cost: $39.99

Looking for a low-cost, affordable craft-making / selling idea? Consider the new and improved, 3d printing pen. This is a portable, alternative to expensive machinery, and will give kids of all ages the chance to create 3 dimensional works of art. This makes it possible for your kids to experiment with crafts, design, fashion and other artistic areas of their lives. The price of the objects will depend on the design made. Your kids can be as artistic as they want with 3D printer and make money by selling their creations on a site like Etsy.

3. T-shirt Design 

Transfer Paper Cost: $7.97

T-shirts are really popular now. Help encourage your little designer, by giving her/him a start in the t-shirt design business. Get creative with unique designs and then re-sell the designs on Etsy, or at your local fair or crafter’s market.

4. Selling Old Books

Cost: Free! Sell books you already own!

There might be books that your kids have used since they were three. These books, if still in good condition, can be sold at a reasonable prices and help your kids earn some few bucks during the summer. You can re-sell the books on a site like eBay or Amazon to give your child an introduction into ecommerce, or you can sell them locally by hosting a yard / garage sale.

5. Dog Walking

Bulk Dog Waste Bags: $14.99

Most kids enjoy taking their dogs for a walk. What if they did this for good pay? This will require a neighborhood full of dogs, dog bags and leashes. You and your kid can approach several dog owners in your neighborhood and schedule a time to take the dogs out and decide on a fee. This can really motivate your child and build business commitment and scheduling skills, while helping them stay fit all summer long!

These business ideas for kids will keep them busy this summer and help them make extra cash for their books and ice cream treats. Don’t wait for your kids to ask you for money! Teach them how to make their own money using these 5 business ideas under $40!

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