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5 Mindsets That Can Sabotage Your Career as a Property Agent

All of us want to have a rewarding career that can help us successfully nurture our personalities as well as secure us financially for the future. Yet, there comes a moment in our lives that we stop to realize that the career we have chosen has shortened every aspect of our growth.

People may not get the promotions they were looking for or cease to perform beyond expectations.

However, things were not always like this for many of us. There were times when the sky was the limit for many of us. Settling for anything less was never part of the plan.

What could be the reason? Sometimes, the way we think complicates things more than our actions.

Here are 5 mindsets that can mess up your career and ruin your chances of professional success.

1.    Negative Thinking

Why do our brains develop a negative thinking pattern? Because it is easy! While being pro-active requires mental effort; negative thinking takes zero effort. All you have to do is to set up a few imaginary roadblocks and you have an excuse to become negligent. “Negative thinking is what’s keeping the young generation from reaching new heights” says Michael from

When you clear away negative thoughts and commit to positive thinking; your brain automatically begins to transmit productivity signals that soon reflect from your work. The more positive you are, the more innovative your work flow becomes, leading to success.

2.    No Purpose

No individual has ever fulfilled his dreams by not being committed to a certain goal. Don’t assume how your career should go about. Set a goal and work hard towards achieving it. When your mind isn’t committed to what you are doing, your actions are not programmed to deliver any meaningful results.

Without an unwavering commitment to a larger purpose, your professional efforts lose their value. If you want to avoid future chaos and disappointment; set up a plan and a clearly defined timeline and stay focused on it to it at all time.

3.    Impulsive Decisions

We must be acutely aware of our state of mind and conscious , no matter how low we feel. It is not surprising to note that impulsive decisions do little to serve you in the long term. In fact, they may have a seriously damaging effect on your roadmap to success.

Stop repeating the same mistakes you did in your past. Punctuality and self-discipline help you to become a reliable employee that companies treat as a valuable asset.

4.    Lack of Persistence

You must have heard that patience is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Sustainable success is rarely accomplished quickly. Flip through an autobiography of a successful entrepreneur or the owner of a multi-million dollar business and you will observe that they rank patience as an important skill to cultivate for achieving success.

Professional success never comes to those who abandon projects, succumb to deadlines or fail to cope with difficult work situations.

5.    No Time Management

“Liberty and freedom without accountability leads to poor time management skills” This was a major takaway I got from an interview with Todd, who runs You fail to prioritize what’s important. When you schedule all your time, you are getting something in return for every minute you spend.

Time is money in the corporate world. You must be capable of delivering your best in less time to stay ahead for of your competitors.

Create a schedule even if you are working for a small corporation now. Every company values a workforce that is productive and time efficient.

Final Thoughts

You cannot have a thriving career if you do not discipline your thoughts and your work process. Moreover, you must be selflessly committed while controlling your emotions to achieve success. Avoid adopting these mindsets and you will have a greater chance of accomplishing your personal and professional goals.


What about me?

Elena, after graduating from oxford university, spent the early stages of her career working with non-profit organization, helping kids with a rough social background integrate into society. She is now a personal development manager at Her passion lies in helping other bring out the best of themselves. Her other interests are reading, hiking and travelling.

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Elena Tahora

Elena is a full time blogger from Ontario Canada. She also works with children who have a variety of communication difficulties. When she’s not in her office or helping the kids, Elena enjoys travelling and playing squash with her colleagues. You can follow her on

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