5 Lessons from Very Successful Start-Ups

The prosperity of a start-up depends not only on the idea. Even though there is no sure-shot recipe for success there is still a lot we can learn from them. The path of a start-up is always lined with unprecedented hurdles but only a successful manager will be able to steer through these hardships and accept them as a part and parcel of the adventure in the long run to achieve their goal. Some start-ups extremely seriously succeed while some others remain stagnant or fail. Some are lucky enough to secure additional funds. Listed below are 5 of the most successful start-ups and the lessons we can learn from their success stories.

  1. Airbnb – Create an Ideal That People Not Only Like but Also Love.

Airbnb is an American start-up that provides lodging opportunities to travellers. Customers can either lease or rent cottages, apartments, hostel beds etc. on a short-term basis for an affordable price and with state of the art facilities. During his struggling times, the founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky was advised to come up with an idea that people not just like but also fall in love with. This way the potential customers will spread the word and direct even more customers towards the business. Their thinking that the word of mouth propagation method to expand the business has really paid off.

  1. Uber – Make as Much Use of The Opportunities You Have in Hand.

The rise of uber taxis worldwide has made our day to day life so much easier to function. Today it is amongst the world’s leading on-demand taxi booking apps and most powerful private start-up. The creators of Uber had only one thought in mind when they came up with the idea and that was to find a solution to its customer’s problems which was to find a safe and affordable ride by just a click on your phone. With Uber, people have to no longer wait for hours to get a taxi neither do they have to worry about being charged exorbitantly. Once only a chauffeur service, Uber now also provides food and flower delivery service and on-demand private helicopter services.

  1. Atlassian – Follow the Vision and The Money Will Eventually Catch Up.

Atlassian has been building business software for companies like Jiri and Confluence. Their motto is to chase the dream and not the money. The money will eventually start chasing you. Their belief is that building and maintaining the right work environment can heavily influence the employee’s ability to work and can lead to the success and growth of the organisation.

  1. Pandora – Strive to be different, That’s the Only Way You’ll Ever Matter.

Music related start-ups seem to be sprouting from every nook and corner of the digital world nowadays. So, what makes Pandora so different? Pandora is a personalized music app that automatically generates a playlist of your favourite music to tailor suit your taste. It keeps a track on your taste in music and uses this to lead you to new songs that you may like. Users can even provide feedback and reviews on the tracks and the app uses this information to alter its database. This allows the users to have a unique musical experience.

  1. Voxy – Cut Your Coat According to Your Cloth.

Learning a new language is not particularly easy and English is a global language that could take you across borders. Voxy is a mobile app that allows Spaniards or Spanish speaking individuals to learn English through daily life experiences. It has garnered quite a lot of crowd following. The makers of the app could have chosen to incorporate other language lessons as well but instead decided to focus upon only one and this has helped them expand in that niche area.

Each of the above-mentioned start-ups have a different success story to tell and a different lesson to teach. Following their footsteps could help you to join their ranks.

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