5 Helpful Tips to Reopen Your Small Business

If you live in a state that has relaxed laws, like Florida, you might not have seen many small businesses close their doors. However, many other states across the US, like New York and Georgia are beginning to experience more small business reopenings in the days to come. If your doors where closed during the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and you are now beginning to open your small business for the first time, here are 5 helpful tips to help you re-enter the market safely.

1. Sanitizer / Sanitization Stations

If you want to make customers who may be afraid  feel more comfortable, consider having a sanitizing station some where visible in your store. This will signal to customers that they can disinfect their hands before or after shopping, which may make them feel more at ease.

2. Offer Free Masks or Sell Face Masks to Your Customers

Offering free face masks to shoppers or upselling them for a small fee may make some clients more open to shopping at your business. You can purchase Bulk Disposable Face Masks and begin offering them as a part of your service.

3. Social Distance Practices

Some businesses practice social distancing, while others do not. Decide if you want to implement any social distancing guidelines. You may want to put up a sign to encourage social distancing, or you may want your customers to have freedom of choice. Either way, make a decision that works best for your small business.

3. More Frequent Cleaning

You may want to implement more frequent cleaning practices to help ensure that your workspace, or shopping areas are clean throughout the day. This will signal to your clients and employees that your company is a clean and safe space for conducting business.

4. Have Air Purifiers

Having  a high quality, Medical Grade, HEPA Air Purifier in your business is a great way to help increase awareness about cleaner breathing habits. Filtering out dust and other harmful particles is essential to providing a healthier environment in your small business.

5. Treat Customers and Employees with Kindness

While this should go without saying, treating your customers and employees with an extra bit of kindness can go a long way now a days. Try not to make them afraid, instead create a positive and inspiring work / shopping environment. This can help ease people back into the swing of things.

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